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About Chill

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Creating Healthy, Informed, Lasting Lifestyles (CHILL), includes preventative student health screenings, wellness promotion, and the development of a variety of campus-wide-activities and educational outreach efforts that encourage exercise and nutrition.

What is wellness?

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Wellness is the multi-dimensional, conscious, and self-directed lifestyle choice to pursue optimal health within many different facets of life – physically, emotionally, socially, and beyond.

Basically, wellness means making healthy decisions in every part of your life.

For CHILL, our pursuit through student wellness is to enhance the total student experience for Frostburg State Bobcat’s by providing education and resources to Create Healthy, Informed, Lasting Lifestyles.

Defining wellness can sometimes be easier than applying it. Through CHILL, we hope to motivate and inspire all students to take the necessary steps to make the topics fitness, nutrition, and stress management a priority in their lives.

The Creation of CHILL

Launched in September 2008, CHILL was created through a charitable contribution through AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP. Tony Zook, FSU alumnus and AstraZeneca North America CEO and Head of Global Marketing, was instrumental in bringing this wellness program to Frostburg State.

Healthier bobcats = better bobcats