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Let's Walk, Let's Chill

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Let's Walk, Let's CHILL was a month-long aerobic exercise competition that challenged students, faculty, and staff to join in teams of # to see which team could log the most hours or mileage of phsycial activity with the help of the American Heart Association's MyStartOnline Program.


1. Top Student Winner: Robbie Wullschleger (Freshman)
2. Top Faculty Winner: Jaron Hawkins (Geography)
2. Top Team Winners: Doug Baer (Resident Life), Bobby Bonser (Junior), and Tim Smith (Graduate Student)

FSU’s “Creating Healthy, Informed, Lasting Lifestyles” (CHILL) Program, recognized the top student and staff winners of their “Let’s Walk, Let’s CHILL” physical activity month-long competition during halftime of the Homecoming football game. 

As a part of the competition, FSU logged over 711 hours of physical activity on MyStartOnline.org, a free website provided by the American Heart Association.  In having exercised for more than 2,461 miles, Wellness Coordinator April Baer hopes that FSU will continue the momentum.

“The goal of this program was to promote healthy habits during an otherwise busy time for our students and staff,” said Baer.  “Each of our winners use their leisure time to be active, we hope that they will serve as examples to the overall benefits towards leading a healthy and happy lifestyle.” 

Top student winner, freshman Robbie Wullschleger, walked and ran for more than 102 miles and exercised for more than 73 hours during the course of the month-long competition by playing and practicing his soccer skills.

Top staff winner, Jaron Hawkins, a lecturer in the Geography department, logged over 485 miles of walking and running.  Hawkins, who is preparing for a marathon, enjoys running and averages 100 miles a week by running around 90 minutes daily.  Hawkins states that my drive to improve competitively is what forces me to stay active”.

Top team winners Doug Baer, Bobby Bonser, and Tim Smith logged over 276 miles by working out as a group.  Baer, Area Coordinator for Residence Life, and his student teammates, Bonser, a Senior Athletic Training major, and Smith, a graduate student within the Administration and Supervision program, schedule time to play a few games of ultimate Frisbee each week.  
Top-student winner Wullschleger commented on the importance for his fellow Bobcats to maintain a healthy lifestyle based upon national trends.  “The U.S. as a country is overweight and we can help fight this by practicing physical wellness.”  Wullschleger stated that by having his ORIE Instructor, Doug Baer, incentivize the competition further in class for extra credit, it gave him the extra motivation to participate.  

Doug Baer promoted this program through his ORIE class to introduce his first-year students to the multitude of exercise possibilities in Frostburg.  “We are in a great location in Maryland with beautiful scenery around us and a plethora of physical activities to become a part of.  Students, faculty, and staff are really missing out if they live here all year ‘round and don’t take advantage of all the amazing trails, hikes, slopes, and more!”