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  1. What is bWell?

    bWell is FSUs premier housing community where students will be able to embark upon a self-directed wellness journey throughout the year.

    Each resident will set a year-long goal that will improve upon their health and success as a student and be given access to campus resources to help them achieve this goal.

    bWell will help residents in self-discovery in finding out how they can better themselves through their health and through their education.

  2. Why should I choose to live as a part of the bWell community?

    bWell will give students the unequalled opportunity to grow as adults outside of the classroom in numerous ways. bWell residents will have access to a live-in wellness mentor to help guide each resident on a wellness journey. The wellness mentor, along with the three RAs living in the building, will host weekly events and programs to connect students to wellness and to each other.

    If you are interested in learning more about yourself and improving yourself in the process, bWell is for you!

  3. What will I be expected to do as a resident of bWell?

    Residents of bWell will be expected to:

    1. Promote a positive community for everyone.
    2. Actively attend bWell programs at least two a month.
    3. Adhere to all community standards including the substance-free policies against alcohol and other controlled substances.
    4. Have fun!

  4. Do I have to be a Health major to reside within bWell?

    No, bWell is open to all students and all majors.

  5. Where is bWell located on campus?

    bWell is housed in Allen Hall.

  1. Is bWell a Substance Free Community?

    Yes. The community will decide to what degree the community will be substance free and dialogue upon this topic further at the start of the fall semester. The students will also be able to make recommendations towards this and other policies to make bWell and ideal place to live and thrive.

  2. What do I do if I want to be a part of bWell?

    All students interested in being a part of bWell should print off, fill out, and mail in your bWell application.

    To mail in a hard copy, please send your application to the following address:

    April Baer
    101 Braddock Road
    Frostburg, MD 21532

    Applications can also be found at or emailed to you via

    Please note that bWell will place students on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, if you are interested in learning more or being a part of the community, let us know today!

    Also, please be aware that you could also be placed on a waiting list. This means that you could still have the opportunity to be a part of the program once space is made available.

  3. Who should I contact if I have more questions?

    For more information on:

    Room sign up, all residential living communities and housing amenities:

    Residence Life Office

    bWell, campus wellness programs, and FSU wellness resources: