College of Education

MissIon, Vision, and Goals of the College of Education


The College of Education is committed to preparing professionals who provide excellent instruction, service, and leadership to a diverse and global community.


The vision of the College of Education at Frostburg State University is to build upon its rich history of teacher education and position itself as a national exemplar of quality professional preparation programs.


Goals for the College of Education are

  1. To provide programs of exceptional quality based on national standards that meet the needs of the state and region.
  2. To assure that all graduates are capable of providing leadership in their professions.
  3. To assure that all graduates are dedicated professionals committed to the success of all their students and clients.
  4. To assure that all graduates are fully prepared for their professional responsibilities.
  5. To assure that all graduates can assess their own professional practice and make changes based on their assessments.
  6. To instill in graduates a sense of advocacy for their students, clients, community, and profession.
  7. To encourage and help develop a sense of collaboration in our graduates.
  8. To assure that graduates are prepared to meet the challenges of a changing global community.
  9. To continuously assess our programs according to professional standards and use the findings to enhance our programs.
  10. To provide graduates with an appreciation for the environment and the value of a healthy, quality life-style.