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Student Appeals

Program Application Appeals

Ordinarily and customarily, candidates may not appeal for exceptions to requirements and standards. The Unit's intent is to comply with the requirements for 100% of the candidates and to act with fairness and consistency. Accordingly, it is unlikely that such appeals will be approved. However, certain circumstances may cause candidates to appeal, for example, the placement of a candidate in a catalogue year or the unavailability of courses to complete a specialization or an evaluation of transfer courses.

To file an appeal, a candidate prepares a letter describing the circumstances, offering grounds and arguments advocating approval, and documenting matters with appropriate materials. These letters are submitted to the Office of Unit Assessment, Frampton 215. The Assessment and Monitoring Committee will review the appeal and decide on the matter. Decisions will be recorded in the minutes of the committee. In addition to informing the candidates in writing, copies of letters about the decisions will be sent to the Dean of the College of Education, the Department Chair, the program coordinator, the candidates' advisors, and the Office of the Registrar. All appeals will be considered expeditiously at regularly or specially called meetings of the Assessment and Monitoring Committee. On certain occasions, the committee membership will be polled, after individual committee members independently review the petition of appeal.

Grade Appeals

The University grade greivance procedures are designed to streamline the process by resolving grade disputes as soon as possible using non-adversial methods.

Please note that:

  1. The only basis for filing a grievance under these procedures is arbitrary and capricious grading
  2. You must request that the Department Chair mediate the grade dispute no later than the 15th class day of the semester following the term in which the disputed grade was received.
  3. If mediation does not resolve the dispute, you must file a written grievance with the instroctor's college dean no later than the 30th class day of the following semester.

The full text of the University Procedures for Review of Alleged Arbitrary and Capricious Grading may be found in the current Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs and the Pathfinder.