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William AuMiller

William J. AuMiller



Assistant Professor 207-2 Framptom Hall  301-687-4374

Fannia Boayue

Fannia L. Boayue

Faculty, Early Childhood Education

Assistant Professor 135 Framptom Hall 301-687-4220

William Childs

William P. Childs  

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Associate Professor 307 Hitchins  301-687-4216

Marcia Cushall

Marcia B. Cushall

Faculty, MAT-S Program Coordinator

Professor 121 Framptom Hall 301-687-4308

Karla Diehl

Faculty, School Counselling Program Coordinator

Associate Professor

207-8 Framptom Hall

301-687 4422

Roger S Dow

Roger S. Dow

Associate Dean, College of Education

Faculty, Reading Program Coordinator

Associate Dean, College of Education


207-5 Framptom Hall 301-687-4431

Clarence Golden

Clarence Golden   

 Dean College Of Education

Dean, College Of Education


203-5 Framptom Hall 301-687-3184


Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall



Assistant Professor 106 Framptom Hall 301-687-7419

Gary L. Hendrickson

Faculty, Clinical Supervisor


Adjunct Professor

109 Framptom Hall


Minerva Ladores

Minerva Ladores


Associate Professor 130 Framptom Hall 301-687-4303

Kristin Mcgee

Kristine McGee


Assistant Professor 309 USMH 240- 527-2730

Francis Meyers

Francis J Meyers

Field Experience Coordinator

Contractual Contractual Contractual

Emily Milleson

Emily K. Milleson

Associate Professor 216 Framptom Hall 301-687-4352

Jodi Nichols

Jodi L. Nichols

Faculty, Clinical Supervisor

Assistant Professor 129 Framptom Hall 301-687-4218

Barbara Ornstein

Barbara L. Ornstein

Professor 206-1 Framptom Hall 301-687-4254

Stephanie Pack

Stephanie Pack


Associate Professor 137 Framptom Hall 301-687-3169

Maureen Palardy

Maureen Palardy


Full time Contractual Faculty 134 Framptom Hall 301-687-4429

Thomas Palardy

Thomas J. Palardy

Faculty, ECE Coordinator

Professor 136 Framptom Hall 301-687-3095


Rosemarie Pellegrino

Faculty, Supervisor

Contractual Faculty 304 USMH 240- 517-2733

Jennifer Rankin

Jennifer E. Rankin


Assistant Professor 128 Framptom Hall 301-687-7010

Todd Rosa

Todd Rosa

Faculty, Undergrad Secondary Program Coordinator

Assistant Professor 108 Framptom Hall 301-687-4338

Kim Rotruck

Kim Rotruck

Faculty, Chair

Professor 219 Framptom Hall 301-687-4448

Doris Santamaria-Makang

Faculty, Curriculum&Instruction M.Ed Program Coordinator


Associate Professor

207-1 Framptom Hall


Beth Scarloss

Beth A. Scarloss


Assistant Professor 110 Framptom Hall  301-687-4472

Oma Gail Simmons

Oma Gail Simmons

Special Education Program Coordinator

Professor 207-7 Framptom Hall 301-687-4432

Sally Stephenson

Sally Stephenson

Faculty, Advising Coordinator

Associate Professor 127 Framptom Hall 301-687-4433

John Stoothoff

John L. Stoothoff

Faculty, A&S Program Coordinator

Assistant Professor 155 USMH 240-527-2736

Glenn Thompson

Glenn Thompson

Faculty, Doctoral Program Coordinator

Assistant Professor 207-4 Framptom Hall 301-687-4366

Jamelyn Tobery-Nystrom

Faculty, MAT_E Program Coordinator

Assistant Professor

306 USMH

240- 527-2735

Gary Wakefield

Gary Wakefield

Educational Foundations

Associate Professor 210 Framptom Hall 301-687-7952

Jodi Welsch

Jodi G. Welsch

Faculty, Associate chair for Dept of Educational Professions

Associate Professor 220 Framptom Hall 301-687-3096

Joyce Wheaton

Joyce E. Wheaton

Faculty, Foundations Coordinator

Professor 207-3 Framptom Hall 301-687-4362