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Offered by the University of Maryland at College Park on the Frostburg State University Campus


Program Overview
Frostburg State University is collaborating with the University of Maryland, College Park to offer UM's Professional Master of Engineering Program on the Frostburg campus. The Professional Master of Engineering is an applications oriented, methods focused part-time graduate program designed to assist engineers in the development of their professional careers and to provide the technical expertise needed in the business, government, and industrial environments. Late afternoon and evening classes are taught by the College Park faculty and experienced adjunct faculty at College Park and are delivered to students at FSU over interactive video.

The Master of Engineering degree requires 30 credits of course work as opposed to the Master of Science degree that requires 24 credits of course work plus six credits of thesis (thesis option), or 30 credits of course work, a written comprehension examination, plus a scholarly paper (non-thesis option). Upon completion of the program, students receive a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Maryland, College Park.

The Professional Master of Engineering Program is open to qualified applicants who hold a regionally accredited baccalaureate degree in engineering or a related field. Applications must be submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Maryland, College Park, along with a copy of college transcripts and three letters of recommendation. Applicants with an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0 may be admitted on a provisional basis if they have demonstrated a satisfactory experience in another graduate program and/or their work experience has been salutary.

Application Deadlines
Preferred August 1 December 15
Final August 15 January 10


Degree Requirements
The student chooses an area of concentration offered by an engineering department and completes 30 credit hours (10 courses) of approved course work with an average grade of B. The course work, which allows up to 12 credits at the 400-level, must be approved by the department's program faculty representative. The following program options are available to students who enroll in the Master of Engineering Program on the FSU campus:

Additional options available to students on the College Park campus and other sites offering courses through interactive video around the State of Maryland include the following:

  M.Eng needs to be completed within five years.

For additional information on the program, please contact:

Linda Steele
Frostburg State University
Department of Physics and Engineering
Frostburg, MD 21532
Phone: (301) 687-4137
E-mail: lsteele@frostburg.edu


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