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Cotton-Top Tamarins

Listed below is information about each of the tamarins that are currently housed in the colony.

Tamarin Wisteria
Tamarin Vireo

Wisteria (F):  Fiesty, and quick to frown at visitors. Fan of food, especially bananas. DOB: 2/16/1999.

Vireo (M): Shy, and also quick to join Wisteria in staring down strangers. DOB: 4/12/2001.

Tamarin Echinacea
Tamarin Haagen-Daz
Echinacea (M): Large, gentle eyes. Quick to look out for partner Haagen-Daz and always found close to her. DOB: 9/8/1999. Haagen-Daz (F): With a face that always looks stern, Haagen-Daz is bold and is not shy in her quest for food. Enjoys spending time with Echinacea in their hammock. DOB: 10/19/1999.
Tamarin Godiva
Tamarin Qvale

Godiva (F): Our most “senior” tamarin, Godiva is very energetic, curious, and doesn’t put up with younger Qvale’s antics. A big fan of mealworms. DOB: 2/25/1996.

Qvale (M): Our youngest tamarin, Qvale is very active and playful. Sometimes seen attempting to hang from Godiva’s tail, and often seen playing with small sticks. DOB: 8/20/2006.

Tamarin Yodel
Tamarin Sleipner

Yodel (F): Enjoys being groomed by her partner Sleipner (and has especially fluffy hair as a result). Really enthusiastic about food. DOB: 4/23/2001.

Sleipner (M): Very interested in grooming and also enjoys playing with small sticks. Most finicky tamarin known. DOB: 10/8/2000.

Tamarin Itchy
Tamarin Wren

Itchy (F): Very energetic, and is the opposite of her laid-back partner Wren. Itchy has a short attention span, and is always looking for something new. Very curious about her neighbors. (It’s hard to get a good picture of her since she’s always on the move!) DOB: 8/4/2005.

Wren (M): Itchy’s laid-back partner who is a bit shy. Not a fan of mealworms. Occasionally likes to hang upside down by his hind legs for extended periods of time. DOB: 4/12/2001.

Tamarin Zagnut
Tamarin Yogi
Zagnut (F): Relative of Haagen-Daz, Zagnut is also very bold and is a big fan of food of all kinds, especially mealworms. DOB: 3/1/1999.

Yogi (M): Known for his “mohawk-like” hair and friendly nature, Yogi gets along very well with his partner Zagnut. DOB: 6/18/2004.