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FSU Leadership Faculty/Staff Development Conference

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Embodying Leadership Strategies for Professional and Personal Success




8:00 - 9:00

Registration and Coffee Hour in LUC ARMAH

9:00 - 9:45

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Keynote Speaker Joseph Lambert – Leadership Through Storytelling


Morning Breakout Sessions/Focus Areas

Start Time

Leadership Sessions

Focus on training faculty and staff to become more effective leaders.

LUC 111

Professional Sessions

Knowledge and skills needed to optimize professional development and job growth.

LUC 108

Personal Sessions

Ways to enhance self-awareness, sense
of purpose, and overall quality of life.

LUC 113


Power of Honorable Leadership: Lessons from
West Point

Dr. Evan Offstein

Drawing on research he conducted at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and found in his acclaimed book Stand Your Ground: Building Honorable Leaders the West Point Way, Dr. Offstein gives unprecedented access to the process of leadership and character development at West Point and offers insights to leaders on how they can demonstrate character and integrity in their leadership.

Strategic Planning in
an Era of
Greater Accountability

Rob Smith

This session will explore current accountability, effectiveness, and strategic planning applications consistent with Middle States standards. Issues addressed include philosophical and practical dimensions of accountability and strategic planning, characteristics and designs of standards, strategic planning systems, and alignment of strategic goals with the University’s mission.

How Can I Help Others
Without Taking
Care of Me?

Dr. Shawn Golden-Llewellyn

This session examines the importance of proper self-care and stress management. We will review the rationale for prioritizing self-care (hint: it makes you a better professional in your work life) and discuss strategies for engaging in good self-care and creating life balance. This workshop will prove to be fun, light-hearted, and experiential.


The Relationship
between Leaders
and Followers

Dr. Troy Gearhart

It’s all about effectiveness! Learn about the important relationship between leaders and followers. Leaders will learn what followers need from a leader and how to lead followers more effectively. Followers will learn about their important role in the organization and how they can contribute to the effectiveness of their leader and their organization.

P.E.G. 12 (Pursuing Excellence and Greatness) in the Workplace

Don Swogger

This high-energy session examines 12 key principles which will encourage you to be a more productive, motivated, and inspired employee. The interactive presentation will use humor, teambuilding, and motivation exercises to reinforce these key principles. Laughing, moving around, and lots of encouragement are required!

Thinking Big, Peak Performance,
and Morning Routines

Dr. Melody Kentrus and
Ryan Kentrus

How would your life change if you could achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of? Believing you can reach your goals and taking action is the simplest and often hardest first step to achieving those goals. This session focuses on the power of thinking big, the mind-body connection, and some practical steps to reach optimal performance in life, work, and play.


12:00 - 1:00

Lunch Break in LUC ARMAH

12:20 - 12:50

Keynote Speaker Dr. Jonathan Gibralter – Leadership: Establishing a Vision

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Start Time

Leadership Sessions

LUC 111

Professional Sessions

LUC 108

Personal Sessions

LUC 113


Managing Change and Stress

Dr. Michael Monahan

Change is an important part of leadership. This session examines mechanisms for implementing effective change and explores reasons for resistance to change. In addition, a discussion of stress, which often accompanies change, will be explored with self-assessments and strategies to combat stress.

One University, A World of
Conflict Experiences: Managing Differences at FSU

Dr. Elesha Ruminski

This session uses case study analysis to highlight conflict types and communicative strategies and ethics for interpersonal and organizational conflict management, with the goal of supporting the organizational mission and colleagues while creating a cooperative culture.

Integrating Movement into the Workplace: Learn Easy Stretches that Will Rejuvenate Body and Mind

Kirsten Hansen

Kirsten believes: “Movement is life, so let’s get up and move.” She is excited to share with employees at FSU easy steps they can take to incorporate movement into the workday.



Leading in a Global Society

Dr. Jeffrey McClellan

In a global society, the need for effective leadership is paramount. Regardless of whether they leave the country or not, leaders face cultural differences with a frequency and intensity far greater than ever before. This session explores the core competencies needed to engage in effective leadership in a globalized world through discussion and experiential learning activities.

Fiscal Responsibility
in an Age of
Shrinking Budgets

Dave Rose and
Denise Murphy

We’re all too familiar with the impact of State budget cuts and the need to reduce expenses. Learn more about the sources of FSU funding and what the funds can be used for, as well as the importance of spending responsibly and managing the budget dollars allocated for your particular department or program. Get the bottom line directly from the Vice President of Administration and Finance.

"The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership."
 - James Humes

Dr. Karla Diehl

In the age of social media the skill of interpersonal communication is still necessary. This session helps you improve upon or learn new communication skills that will enhance the quality and effectiveness of your leadership. A short didactic presentation will be followed by practical application.