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Ask your faculty advisor about SOFI courses during your scheduled Preview session!

The SOFI Program (Summer Online Freshman Initiative) is an award-winning program that allows incoming freshmen to take popular introductory courses before the start of the fall semester. Students register for SOFI courses during their scheduled Preview FSU session in June as they plan for their fall class schedules with the assistance of faculty advisors. SOFI courses take place during Frostburg State University's second six-week summer session:

July 6, 2015 - August 13, 2015
(view course offerings)

Some Facts:

  • SOFI online courses introduce freshmen to online learning at FSU and the University’s Blackboard course management system. Most FSU faculty use Blackboard in their courses to post assignments and class materials.
  • Students need not be on campus to take a SOFI online course. All course materials and activities take place online through the use of the University’s easy to use and student-friendly Blackboard course management system.

Are Online Courses for You?

  • Are you a self-motivated and self-disciplined person?
  • Are you comfortable communicating in writing?
  • Are you a good reader?  Can you usually read a textbook or assignment and understand the main points?
  • Are you comfortable with email, computers, and the Internet?
  • Do you feel that you are the type of person who can learn without the instructor lecturing to you?
  • Generally, can you read instructions for assignments and follow them without having to have them explained to you?
  • Can you devote several hours a day, anytime you want, to reading and doing assignments for an online component of the course?

If you answer yes to most of these questions, then online learning might just be for you!

SOFI Cost Breakdown:

  • In-State - $245 per credit hour
  • Out-of-State - $490 per credit hour
  • Contiguous County - $372 per credit hour
  • Technology fee - $13 per credit hour
  • One-time University fee - $65


PLEASE NOTE:  Fees for SOFI courses are charged in addition to the fall tuition, but are not due until you receive the fall tuition bill.                    

Financial aid is available for those who qualify.


Students are responsible for assuring the following requirements are satisfied:


SOFI 2015 Course Offerings

COSC 100

Intro to Computer Science | M. Flinn | 301.687.4835 


A survey of the historical, technological, and societal aspects of computing with a practical component involving contemporary software applications. In addition to fulfilling University's technology Fluency requirement, this class is the first class toward obtaining a Bachelor of Science, or Minor, in Information Technology. Topics include past and future computing, hardware, software, computer systems, data representation and processing, and social and ethical concerns of computing. Practical applications include word processors, spreadsheets, graphics packages, alternative operating systems, remote desktops, email, Internet, web page development basics, and other Modern Topics. Every semester. Tech. Fluency. 3 credits. 

DANC 110

Dance Appreciation | J. McGreevy | 301.687.3026 


Encompassing the broad array of types of dance – ballet, modern, tap, jazz, ballroom, Broadway, on the movie screen, Arfrican and Japanese, folk – this class features a variety of insightful information. We will cover a range of topics - from the history, the cultural significance, and creative processes to careers, dance behind-the-scenes, and the technique. 

DVMT 095

Pre-Algebra Mathematics | K. Kurek  | 301.687.4442 


Primary focus is to improve students' basic math skills. Concepts of arithmetic, geometry, units of measure, and elementary algebra. Completion of this course will meet the prerequisites for MATH 104, MATH 209 or DVMT 100. Graded P/F. Every semester. Does not fulfill Core Skill 3, nor may the credits be used to fulfill the 120 hr. minimum towards graduation. Note: Students are placed in this course based upon results of Mathematics Placement Test administered by the University and must continue to enroll in this class until it is passed. Students who fail this course on their second attempt or thereafter will be academically dismissed. 

GEOG 104

Human Geography | J. Saku | 301.687.4724 


How much do you know about the world? This online course explores the cultural diversity of the world by examining population, migration, ethnicity, economic development, language, religion, and natural resource development. This online instruction allows you to learn about the world from the comfort of your home, place of summer employment or summer vacation. All you need is a personal computer and access to Blackboard. GEP Groups D or F. 


GEOG 114

Honors Human Geography H. Bullamore | 301.687.4413 


Are you fascinated by the differences that exist in the world? This online course explores population, migration, ethnicity, development, language and  religion, economic systems and urban growth. All you need is internet access, one textbook, and access to Blackboard. The course can count as GEP Group D or F and as 3 credits of Honors variant of GEP courses. Prerequisite: You must be accepted into the Honors Program to enroll in this course.

IDIS 150

Freshman Colloquium:  Health & Wellness in the 21st Century |              

    A. Shimko | 301.687.3132 


IDIS 150 courses were created to foster a sense of understanding through exploration of a current issue, theme, problem, person or persons, cultural or historical period, world area or national region, or other unifying principle through interdisciplinary study, discussion, and activities. Health & Wellness in the 21st Century is an exploration of the economic, political, cultural, societal, and ethical aspects of health in America. Focus on contemporary health issues including obesity, tobacco use, substance abuse, mental health, violence, and access to health care. This course fulfills the GEP Group E requirement. 

IDIS 151

Honors Freshman Colloquium:  Musical Lyrics & Life |

     M. Murtagh | 301.687.4446 


Do you like music? Do you enjoy trying to figure out what song lyrics actually mean? Do you enjoy learning more about key areas of life through your favorite musical artists? Are you a strong student? If so, this class is just for you! For centuries writers have attempted to communicate the human experience through poetry, which in today’s world is seen in the lyrics of music. This exciting course uses music and lyrics to facilitate the understanding of critical thinking and six key areas of the human experience: human development, emotions, learning, trauma & mental health, social consciousness, and positive psychology. Prerequisite: You must be accepted into the Honors Program to enroll in this course.

MATH 104

Mathematical Problem Solving | L. Hegde | 301.687.4777 


Introduction to to mathematical problem solving with emphasis on strategies in applied algebra, geometry, and data analysis. Must have passing grade on FSU's Mathematics placement test. May not be used to satisfy the requirements for a major or minor in Mathematics, but may be used to fulfill Core Skill 3. 

MUSC 110

Intro to World Music | M. Gallagher | 301.687.4381 


OnMusic Rock has been designed to meet the needs of today's student as they look to introduce themselves to the music of the world in today's culture. This course introduces students to the wide variety of ideas and people - composers, performers, and producers - who create the world of Rock through interactive profiles, interesting facts, and video. Over 750 pieces of streaming music, ranging from Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan to the Sex Pistols and The Dave Matthews Band have been integrated into the course. This course fulfills the GEP Group A requirement. 

POSC 110

Intro to American Politics | S. Johnson | 301.687.7432 


Interaction of the public and government in making American public policy. Processes and institutions of American national government; political parties and elections; public opinion and media; contitutional, legal, and cultural context. This course fulfills the GEP Group D requirement.

PSYC 150

General Psychology | C.Hay | 301.687.4079 


This course will review psychological explanations of human thinking, feeling, and behavior as well as methods by which these explanations are derived. Overarching the course objectives and each chapter's specific focus are two course goals. These goals are "big ideas" in that they will be emphasized throughout the semester to assist your learning. These goals are: 1) Identify what it means to think and act like a psychologist and 2) Value the worth and diversity of self and others. This course fulfills the GEP Group D requirement. 

SOCI 100

Intro to Sociology | J. McMullen | 301.687.3162


In this course you will learn the origins of the discipline of sociology as well as what the field of sociology is all about.  This course also will explore some interesting topics such as deviant behaviors, race relations, gender inequality, and urban life among others.  In this online course you will get the opportunity to learn through online videos, online quizzes and exam, and online discussions with fellow students.  This course satisfies GEP Group D.

SOFI students are limited to 3 credit hours.


For more information, please contact:

Stacey Utley-Bernhardt

Office of the Provost