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Student Work Samples from the Savage Mountain Creative Writing Workshop 2005:

In this exercise, students at the workshop wrote Exquisite Corpse: a collaborative poem created by having each writer compose two lines using only the previous two lines to work from.

Exquisite Corpse 1

She was convinced that talking on the phone
was just not the same as actually
talking to a person. You just couldn't see
their emotions.
Their thoughts were hidden
and more difficult to find out.
You never know what stuff is about,
it could make you want to pout
sensations that bring doubt
but we are each empty without.
Like wind that whistles hauntingly through the willows
and chases itself through lonely, broken reeds.
Lost, where everything towers above
and casts shadows of insignificance
over a world torn by pain,
viewed through the eyes of a child
who can't sleep these nights,
who stays awake and sings to herself Happy Birthday.

Exquisite Corpse 2

Behind me dumped concrete slammed
grating with the harshness of nails on a chalkboard
and made me afraid of secrets I'd never had.
A secret isn't a secret if you tell is it?
I wonder even as I glance behind my shoulder
not to know what I'm going to see
but know that something's lurking there
watching as you stumble
through the darkest corners of your mind.
Something stirs to hurt you.
Painful memories come about
when she walks past the old pool where
the Jones kid died years back
and where the missions hold their baptisms.







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