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Workshop brings a teacher and a group of students together to look at working samples of literature--either stories or poems--and together they discuss what makes those pieces successful. It also helps develop our own writing skills by having our work "juried" by a group of our peers: this helps us understand what is more successful and less successful in our own work while also developing our reading and editorial skills.

Workshop topics will include:

  • What is fiction?
    Writing fiction gives us the opportunity to escape our own lives through the invention of character, setting and plot. Fiction is the art of combining these elements to create a story that reflects both real life and the imagination of the writer. Good fiction pulls readers into the story, allowing them to live in the world that the author imagines.

  • What is poetry?
    Poetry is the process of re-investigating our lives through writing to reveal our emotions, perceptions and ideas. Traditionally, poetry was written using only meter and rhyme, but contemporary poetry focuses more on sounds, images and open form.

    Poetry can be inspired by both reality and imagination, and often examines small moments in a way that is unique and surprising.

    The poetry workshop will help students translate feelings, ideas and memories- the raw material of poetry-into well-crafted poems. We'll talk about the power of precise, imagistic language, consider how a poem's shape on the page can communicate its meaning and pay attention to the many ways sound play happens in poetry. Along the way, we'll use found material to jumpstart the writing process, think about poems as maps and treasure chests and discover revision strategies that help us more accurately express what we want to say.






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