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How did smoke-free campus come to pass?
How does this policy impact me?
What type of smoking cessation support is Frostburg State offering to students and employees?
What do I do if I see someone smoking on University property?


How did smoke-free campus come to pass?

For the past several  years, the topic of becoming a smoke-free campus has gained continued support and momentum. 

In reaction to the 2009 American College Health Association’s position statement on the matter, members across campus began to formally discuss the topic of a campus-wide ban in late 2009.

In November 2009, Frostburg State University’s Faculty Senate discussed the topic of becoming smoke-free.  During this meeting, the Faculty Senate approved a vote to “support the initiative to move toward a smoke-free campus.”

That same month, a similar discussion was taking place in the Student Government Association.  In the 2010-2011 academic year, former SGA President Ian Spears personally conducted field research to best determine the student perspective on the matter. 

In the fall of 2009, a committee of faculty, staff, and students was created to more formally research and review the feasibility of any new smoking policies.  This committee researched three options: maintaining the 25-foot perimeter smoking ban; adopting a phased-out plan where FSU would become smoke-free over the course of several years; FSU becoming a smoke-free campus in August 2011.

That same semester, series of open forums were facilitated and open to the campus.  In these meetings, students, faculty, and staff discussed the feasibility of FSU becoming a smoke-free campus and the impact this change would have upon our campus community. 

In these forums, much discussion was made on the tone and application of policy more than the policy itself.  As a testament to the spirit of our community, many FSU employees and students wanted to ensure that our campus would remain a warm, friendly place where all visitors could share civility and respect.

In the spring of 2011, the appointed committee authored their findings from their months of research.  Though the committee did work to ensure that each of the three options was thoroughly reviewed, much of the documented sentiments across the campus were in support of an August 1, 2011 ban on smoking.

In June 2011, the Executive Committee of Frostburg State University voted unanimously for FSU to be a smoke-free campus by August 1, 2011.


How does this policy impact me?

This policy will create a more environmentally-friendly and health-conscious campus for all of us to enjoy. Please review Policy Guidelines for more direct information.


What type of smoking cessation support is Frostburg State offering to students and employees?

Frostburg State University is committed towards making the environment in which our students learn and our employees work positive, safe, and healthy. 

For smoking cessation support information, please review Smoking Cessation Support We have identified resources for our students and employees to assist them should they wish to quit smoking.


What do I do if I see someone smoking on University property?

Frostburg State University is doing all we can to communicate the need for personal responsibility and community civility with our smoking-ban.

Should you see someone violating this policy, we ask that you simply and politely communicate FSU’s new policy as a smoke-free campus. We hope that the maturity of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors will allow for this interaction to be positive.