Why Be Smoke Free?

smiling student on laptop

"Cigarettes are responsible for approximately 443,000 deaths - one in every five deaths - each year in the United States...We can prevent the staggering toll that tobacco takes on individuals, families, and communities...If we seize this moment, we will make a difference in all of our communities and in the lives of generations to come."
Message from Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services

At Frostburg State University, we understand the impact that the four years are students are with us will last a lifetime. We not only educate and train our students to become leaders in education, business, science, and beyond, but also educate our students on topics of civility, leadership, and health and wellness.

We feel that by having a smoke-free policy, it communicates our commitment to providing our students with the best educational experience both inside and outside of our classrooms.