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Who should be the administrator of my social media community?

All official FSU social media communities must be created by a faculty or staff member. Keep in mind that many social media sites will allow you to add additional administrators to help keep your community updated with content; it is a good idea to have several administrators who share the responsibility for updating content for your site (or, several people with access to the social media site’s log-in info), so that if the employee who first created the site leaves, the remaining site administrators can continue maintaining the social media community long after his/her departure. If you are primarily relying on a student worker, graduate assistant or student intern to update your social media site, add them as an additional administrator, so that they can be removed when their time in your office is complete.

I’m concerned that if I’m an administrator of a social media community, people will have access to my personal information and identity I share through my personal social media account. How do I deal with this?

If you are uncertain about how your privacy is shared via social media through your work as an administrator on an FSU social media site, email Please also take the time to educate yourself on the privacy settings of the social media site you’re using, which give you some control as to how information is disseminated. You may want to also check out Frostburg Facebook 101, which regularly posts articles about privacy issues.

Should I create a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group?

If your primary audience is external (meaning you want to share your program’s activities and info with the public and invite people to get involved), please create a “Fan” Page. If your primary audience is internal (meaning you’re not trying to market or communicate your program or division to the public in any way and would prefer a more private, moderated discussion), please create a “Group” Page. Check out this helpful article by Howard Greenstein on, “Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Groups: What’s the Difference?” for more ideas on which one would work best.

I’m interested in getting some input on the graphic design of my social media community. Are there any resources on campus that can help me out with this effort?

Email for more information.

Should I remove or censor comments from people that are critical or unfavorable to my program or division?

Social media is not about having control; it’s about having a conversation. This means if someone posts a critical and/or negative comment within your social media community, it may be in your best interest to respond promptly with the correct information or a counterpoint, rather than censor whatever the person is saying. Here’s what FSU posted on its Facebook Page:

Frostburg State University is excited to invite all of its fans to join in the conversation as part of its Facebook community. That being said, please remember that we are not a place to hawk your wares if you're an external company trying to sell products to college students. If we see posts about products on this Wall, we will delete them as necessary.

We also ask that everyone please be respectful and sensitive to all the different viewpoints our fans may share here. Dialogue is encouraged; personal attacks and blatant profanity are not. Thanks all!

I’d like to use social media to teach my students. Do you know of any good resources that can give me some examples on how to do this?

Social media can create some interesting learning experiences for students, if used effectively. For some good ideas and examples, check out the following resources:

Wired Campus (available through the Chronicle of Higher Education)

Facebook in Education

How should I use my social media community to promote my program or organization’s events?

Check out FSU’s social media marketing plan for some ideas.

Where do I find social media logos that I can use?

Find approved logos on the University’s network at:

U:\Photo Archives\Logos

The Find us on Facebook logo is a useful image to add to your webpages to promote your new Facebook Page or Group. You can right-click and save it for your use here. It is also available in the Logos folder location on our server we suggest above.

I have some concerns about copyright and social media. Where can I learn more about copyright issues?

Check out FSU’s social media guidelines for more information about copyright and social media.

An alum contacted my program or division through our social media community and is interested in making a donation. How do I handle this?

If an alum contacts you via your social media community about making a donation to FSU, please tell them to contact the FSU Foundation at 301-687-4161.

I’m a faculty or staff member at FSU and my students and co-workers want me to be their “Friends” on Facebook. Does the University have an official position on this privacy issue?

FSU encourages faculty and staff to first and foremost talk to their supervisors and the chairs of their departments about this issue to determine what is appropriate. We also strongly advocate that all FSU personnel educate themselves on how to use their personal privacy settings for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and to take full advantage of them. Visit our Personal Social Media Use web page for some thoughts about this issue.

I’d like to learn more about the latest updates on social media. Do you know of any good resources I should check out? (great news source for all things social media)

Electronic Frontier Foundation (resource for information on privacy and civil liberties issues)

Vitrue (their blog provides timely and relevant info on engaging your fans through social media)

Frostburg Facebook 101 (Facebook Group created and updated by Becca Ramspott, Public Information Specialist in Technology and New Media at FSU, that includes a variety of articles and links dealing with Facebook and higher education)

Facebook in Education (Resource on Facebook highlighting ideas about Facebook and teaching)