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Calendar of Events 2007

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Entrepreneurship Week Logo

Dear Friends of the Trident Entrepreneurship Initiative,

In celebration of 'Entrepreneurship Week', held widely across College campuses nationwide, February 24th through March 3rd, 2007, we would like to invite you to a dinner event along with selected faculty and students in the College of Business and invited administrators from the University.

When: Tuesday, Frebruary 27th , 2007, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Where: Cordts Center Leake Room, FSU Campus

The topic for the evening will be "Starting a Business......Adapting to Change" . John Balch from Pharmacare of Cumberland, one of the most respected entrepreneurs in our region, who many of you must personally know, will be the speaker for the evening.

RSVP: Friday, February 21, 2007, 5:00 p.m. By E-mail To:

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When: Friday, March 2, 2007, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Where: At Lane University Center (Room 140-141), FSU Campus

RSVP: Friday, February 23, 2007, 5:00 p.m. By E-mail To:

Dear Colleagues,

The Trident Initiative would like to invite you to a campus-wide faculty research forum on the above date, wherein faculty from a variety of disciplines in the arts, sciences, engineering, and business can brainstorm and explore various research ideas and possibilities for collaboration. We have observed this model at some leading academic Conferences and have found them to be very useful in generating a lot of new ideas and in promoting cross-fertilization of research among various disciplines. We are suggesting some possible ideas below this message, but welcome others as well.

The event will unfold as follows:

1-There will be eight (8) roundtables placed in the atrium area. Each table will have an anchor- moderator and be "host" to one topic/research idea that is multidisciplinary or cross-functional. Each concept/topic/idea will, ideally, require collaboration of two to three faculty members from different disciplines, although it is not required.

2- Faculty will arrive at each table based upon interest in particular topics. The discussion will occur for about 15 minutes after which the participants from one table will rotate to another table and begin a discussion on another idea. Attending faculty are not required to rotate across all tables or necessarily explore all ideas.

We are organizing this event on an experimental basis with the hope that if it generates sufficient faculty interest, it can become a regular event on a semi-annual or annual basis. Anchor-moderators will summarize the discussions at their table towards the end of the forum meeting.

The success of this event will, quite obviously, depend on the interest and participation of faculty from all disciplines. In particular, we hope that several of you will be willing to serve as host anchor-moderators based on your particular idea of choice. We will be grateful if you could indicate your interest in leading or participating in the forum in order to help us in our planning for the event.

In closing, we would like to add that any publishable research ideas from this forum will be eligible for travel award to the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) Conference in San Antonio, Texas in January, 2008, or the Self Employment in the Arts (SEA) Conference in Chicago in March, 20008, for up to $1,000 per paper regardless of the number of contributors. So, please bring your ideas and your creative energy to this event. We look forward to seeing you all on March 2nd!

With best wishes,

Keramat Poorsoltan and Sudhir Singh

No. Disciplines

Suggested research idea/s

Marketing and visual/performing arts Role of creative marketing strategies/tactics in the visual/performing arts
Accounting, Marketing and visual/performing arts Pricing of artistic works
Psychology and management Psychology and work habits of small business owners with different ethnic backgrounds
Marketing and English How advertising copy/jingles stimulate people
Law and visual/performing arts Legal issues such as copyright or business incorporation for visual and performing artists
Literature, management, and engineering Role of successful stories of entrepreneurial accomplishment in inspiring creation of new ventures
Computer science, mathematics, and business How to create and market business games and simulations
Entrepreneurship and sociology Self-employment as a means of escaping economic dependency
Marketing/psychology Why people make spontaneous/impulsive purchases
Computer science and business How Information Technology enables businesses to increase innovation
Engineering and business Commercializing engineering prototypes
Engineering, environmental science, and business Commercializing alternative energy sources
Any combination How to lead a compassionate and environmentally conscious life
Any combination Race, gender, and economic justice
Any combination Healthy life, happy life
Any combination Any idea

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