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Project Elements

The Trident Initiative at FSU consists of three interrelated and equally important "prongs" to advance the spirit and practice of entrepreneurship within the Western Maryland region: knowledge dissemination, entrepreneurship practice, and recognition of the best in entrepreneurship.


  • Support for ongoing Applied Research in Entrepreneurship Issues, including papers and business case studies. Promote entrepreneurship at the local and regional levels by establishing an Entrepreneurship Research Incentive Fund of $5,000 per year to defray the cost of attending the annual USASBE conference. This award will be evenly distributed among the top 5 submissions . Method of selection of awards will be double-blind review, consistent with the practices at established academic conferences. Given the applied nature of the activity, the "so what?" question will be a predominant consideration for awards.

  • Presentation of Applied Research in Entrepreneurship at an Annual Entrepreneurship Conference ("Conference") hosted in the Compton Science Building of the FSU Campus. This conference will consist of two days of presentation of research by faculty within the region, panel discussions (see below), speeches by keynote speakers, and award presentation.

  • Panel discussion of local and regional innovators and inventors exploring and presenting ideas with potential for commercialization.

  • Publication of Conference Proceedings that will include papers presented, award-winning business plans, and case studies on local businesses.
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  • Seed Money Project

    Students in the New Business Venture course each semester are offered seed money to start a real business. This exercise will provide significant experiential benefits for the students.

    At the end of each semester, seed money projects of top student teams will be formally presented to an audience of University faculty, students, local entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.

    Participating students are expected to form a network of mentors for succeeding projects.

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  • Young Entrepreneur Award offered to a model entrepreneur under the age of 25 who meets the following criteria:

    (1) has been in operation for at least three years and

    (2) has contributed economically and socially to the community.

    A panel of three judges comprising of members in the chambers of commerce will make the selection.

  • Model Entrepreneur Award to a successful entrepreneur within the region: A panel of five judges from the members of the chambers of commerce and the Frostburg State University College of Business Advisory Board will make the selection. Criteria for award will include:

    (1) being in operation for at least ten years and

    (2) significant contribution economically in terms of job creation and and social and philanthropic giving to the community.

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