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 Field Trip

A local field trip within walking distance will be arranged on Sunday morning to a newly strip-mined coalmine site annex to FSU campus. The area is excavated to about 30 feet or deeper with a lot of talus piled around. So it is very easy to collect freshly exposed fossil plants (e.g., Asterophyllites, Sphenophyllum, Annularia, Lobotannularia, Lepidodendron, Calamites, etc.) that belong to Conemaugh Formation of the upper Pennsylvanian. The fossil plants are mostly preserved in compression type, but if you are lucky you could find some petrified wood specimens (a two feet long log was found there a couple of years ago).

Click here to see photos of some exampled local fossil plants.

New: Click here for photos of some fossil plants collected on April 4, 2010 from a local mining site.
For geological information, please visit http://www.mgs.md.gov/esic/geo/allw.html.


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