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The Midcontinent Paleobotany Colloquium (MPC) is held in the spring, and is hosted by a different institution each year. This meeting emphasizes student participation in a relaxed and relatively informal setting. Although the format varies somewhat from year-to-year, there generally are social receptions,oral and poster presentations, banquets, field trips, and lots of personal interactions. Participants are mostly from the United States and Canada, but sometimes some individuals are from South America, Europe, and even from Asia.

Previous Meetings: 1st - 1983, Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, and then U. of Kansas, U. of Michigan, U. of Illinois, U. of Pennsylvania, Indiana U., The Ohio State U., Columbus, Michigan State U., George Washington U., etc. See the list of the previous meetings for details.

The 27th MPC will be hosted by Hongqi Li at Frostburg State University (FSU), Frostburg, western Maryland, USA, during the weekend May 28-30, 2010. Registration begins on Friday afternoon, paper presentations on Saturday, and a field trip on Sunday.  See more details at http://www.frostburg.edu/27thMPC/



Contact Hongqi Li at hli@frostburg.edu