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Dormitory Lodging

Lodging for the conference is available in the Cambridge Hall of Frostburg State University. All rooms have linen delivered to the room and they are air-conditioned. Since Frostburg will still pretty cool in the end of May, so you do not really need air condition and save some money.

Lodging Rates
Double (1/2 room)
Conditioned Halls
US$40 / night
US$25 /Night
Non-Air-Conditioned Halls
US$33 / night
US$20 / nigh

Washers and dryers are available in each residence hall for laundering clothes. Smoking is not permitted in the rooms. Each suit has four rooms and one large lobby area that can hold dozen people for chatting after evening activities (see the right photo).

Meals will be served at Chesapeake Dining Hall. Normally food served include Pizza and pasta, salads and desserts, burgers and "the old familiar stand-bys", cereals, specialty bars and beverages are constant offerings. Vegetarian meals are always available.

There are also restaurants and bars on Main Street, within walking distance. Some of them (e.g., Eastern Express 301/689-5370) deliver food till 1-2 am.



Contact Hongqi Li at hli@frostburg.edu