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For Vendors, Publishers, and others.

Vendors are provided mainly for florists or nursery company to bring your carnivorous plants and related products to sell at the conference.

There are two rates for vendors. One is on the Online Registration, while the other is a flat rate that will be charged at the conference site, but you better send Hongqi an email to reserve a space earlier.

Other scientific research and/or educational business (e.g., publishers) could also register for a Vendor, register a Display Only Booth, or become a sponsor. Read here to see how to post our each other's web link on our websites.

For visitors/buyers to vendors: It is free.

We have seven vendors registered (did I miss someone?):

  1. Jeremiah Harris, jeremiahsplants@adelphia.net Colorado Carnivorous Plant Society
  2. David Evans, dpevans@rci.rutgers.edu DANGEROUS PLANTS
  3. Michael Wallitis, mmm@blackjungle.com Black Jungle Terrarium Supply
  4. Dave Sackett, dave@phantomplants.com Phantom Plants
  5. Michael Szesze, mszesze@carnivorousplantnursery.com Carnivorous Plant Nursery
  6. Andreas Wistuba, andreas@wistuba.com The Nepenthes Nursery
  7. Dave Sackett, bid2win1@yahoo.com The New England Carnivorous Plant Society

We also have four people registered for Display Only Booth(did I miss someone?):

  1. Douglas Darnowski, Indiana University Southeast
  2. Scott Bennett, Indiana University Southeast
  3. David Evans, DANGEROUS PLANTS
  4. Phill Sheridan, Meadowview Biological Research Station

Information for vendors:

  • All vendors will set in the Atrium on the second floor of the Compton Science Center.
  • Each vendor will have two tables, and an additional table/space could be available too.
  • We have electricity available in the atrium, so you just need to bring your cord and device with you.
  • We can store the plants in a storage room on the first floor or a classroom overnight.
  • The first morning (June 2nd, Friday) will be for vendors, display, posters, and two educational workshops. You could set up plants in the early morning, such as between 8:00-9:00 am. Other sale time will be during the lunch time and late afternoons. See the agenda.
  • You can ship your plants in to Hongqi Li, c/o The 6th ICPS Conference, Department of Biology, Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD 21532, USA.
  • A few more answers to some questions asked by one vendor:
    1. Park your car at C, E, N, K, or F parking lot (http://www.frostburg.edu/fsumap/parking.htm) and walk to the registration table at the atrium in the Compton Science Center to check in. Then you will be directed how to download your plants. (See parking lot map at ).
    2. After the reception in the atrium you can start to set up your vendor, either during the movie time or after the movie.
    3. You could leave your plants on the table overnight, and the building will be locked after about 6:30 pm, or you can move them into a classroom nearby and lock it.
    4. We have published the event on our local newspaper, Cumberland Time-News, on May 24th, 2006, and we will try to post another news this weekend. We will try more newspapers within a couple of hours of driving distance.
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