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Field Trips
(We are organizing two field trips)

  1. Field trip in eastern coastal region on Monday, June 5, 2006.
  2. Local Field Trip: It will possibly start with a lunch in vehicle on the way, Sunday, June 4, 2006, and it would take total 7-8 hours.
    On Saturday evening, Dr. Martin MacKenzie would introduce his study on the history of local native Sarracenia purpurea that were transplanted from High Point Lake to several places in Pennsylvania (PA), Western Maryland (MD), and West Virginia (WV) when the High Point Lake was built up in 1946. This filed trip will include the High Point Lake and several of the transplanted populations of the pitcher plants at Mount Davis, Deep Creek Lake, Cranesville Swamp, and Big Run Bog. We will see Sarracenia purpurea, sundews, and many other interesting plants. Click on the name of each site for further details and pictures of local plants.
    Deep Creek Lake is a beautiful scenery area, which features hunting, fishing, boating, and rafting in the summer, attracting visitors from all over the country. Albert Einstein visited the Deep Creek for two weeks in summer 1946. Big Run Bog located a couple of miles above the Blackwater Fall in Tucker County, West Virginia. We will stop by these places for short breaks (see the map 1 below).

    Attention: For this field trip, please wear boots, long pants and long sleeve shirts, as we may walk through some bushes to some swamp areas.

Map with local field trip sites

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