Creating Content

Our world is filled with content--it’s noise. Train people to WANT your message by making it useful

Is your content Audience Driven OR Company Pride?

  1. People don’t want more content; they want less. Give them only relevant information.
  2. Gather content from experts in your industry and then share your unique angle.
  3. Invest time to write thought-provoking info.
  4. Keep it coming, every week.

Create Fresh Content

  • Survey your audience
  • Use Facebook polls
  • Translate Google/Social Media analytics to see where people are going and what they are most interested in
    • monitor your channels to see what people are saying about you; then act accordingly
  • What kind of videos are most watched/shared?
  • Which social media post get the most attention

Feature vs Benefit Model

Show your audience the benefit they receive from you.

“We don’t teach information; we teach know-how.”

"We don't give out degrees, we send you to your high school reunion with confidence."

"This isn't just an event, it's something to post to your snap story."