Office of Gender Equity

The Office of Gender Equity works with several campus and community partners in our work to prevent and respond to gender-based harassment and violence.  Below are some of the programs we sponsor and support.
Online Education and Training for Faculty and Staff

All Frostburg State University Employees are required to complete Bridges, an online education program that aids faculty and staff in how to recognize, report, and prevent gender-based harassment and violence. The program highlights federal guidelines and mandates under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 and it's reauthorization in 2013.
Critical Reading and Research Assignment
Policy and Procedure Awareness Program for First-Year Students

To ensure that all incoming first-year students are aware of the importance of engaging in behaviors that are healthy, safe, and promote the values of our institution, the Office Gender Equity in partnership with the Center for Academic Advising and Retention developed an online assignment in which students are asked to review the FSU Gender-Based Harassment and Violence Policy and respond to a series of questions regarding the policy.  This assignment is designed to promote critical reading skills and develop research skills as students read through blocks and review FSU online resources.
Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Program

The Escalation Workshop is designed to raise awareness about relationship violence, educate students about the warning signs, and advise students on how to help a friend.  The 90-minute program includes a film and guided discussion developed by prevention experts at the One Love Foundation.  The curriculum creates an opportunity for students to speak openly in a safe space about the issue of relationship violence and how it relates to their lives.
Online Education and Training for Faculty and Staff

All full-time Frostburg State University employees and contractual faculty are required to complete Intersections, an online education program that aids in the recognition and prevention of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. The program highlights federal guidelines and mandates under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 and it's reauthorization in 2013.

Please review the Intersections Training Memo for more information.
Supporting LGBTQ-identified Students Program for Faculty & Staff

In partnership with Counseling and Psychological Services, Frostburg State University faculty and staff are able to learn strategies to best support diverse student populations. Kognito provides three-minute trainings to help faculty and staff identify signs of distress, approach students they are concerned about, help manage sensitive issues, and make appropriate referrals to support services. The topics included in the online training include Supporting At-Risk Students (students in psychological distress), Supporting Veteran Students, Supporting LGBTQ-identified Students.
Relating, Dating, and Communicating
Healthy Relationships and Consent Workshop for First-Year Students

With support of a wide-array of volunteers spanning departments and offices across the University, this 60-minute workshop takes a positive, proactive approach to sexual violence prevention by blending sexual health promotion with interpersonal communication skill building. During this workshop, students will develop the confidence and skills necessary to make healthy and safe sexual choices. Through facilitated group discussion, students will reflect on what they want from sexual and dating relationships and learn the language necessary for healthy and satisfying intimate relationships.  This program is primarily facilitated to first-year student audiences through their ORIE 101: Introduction to Higher Education course curriculum.
Student Opposing Abuse and Rape (SOAR)
Healthy Relationship and Masculinity Workshop Series

The SOAR Program is a weekly group workshop series in which students can interact with their peers to process and reflect upon their individual and group experiences with trained facilitators from the Family Crisis Resource Center, Inc. Participation is referral based. The workshops cover such topics as consent, gender roles and gender stereotypes, healthy relationships, conflict resolution, and the role of alcohol or other drugs in sexual misconduct.  Each session will discuss a topic relevant to the prevention of intimate partner and sexual violence through engaging group discussions and reflective writing assignments. The SOARProgram motivates sustainable and positive behavior changes for students.
Think About It
Online Education and Training for FSU Students

All new and continuing Frostburg State University students are required to complete Think About It, an online educational program that will expose students to topics including state laws, University policies, and the impact of gender-based harassment and violence within a campus community.  Going further, this program also encourages our newest Bobcats to become active bystanders, to help eliminate bias, oppression, and harm from our campus community.

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