Registration Information

PAWS Internet Records System

Registration is conducted using the PAWS Internet-based records system which allows you to:

  • view your academic record
  • check for course prerequisites
  • review the schedule of classes
  • view your registration appointment
  • register for classes using this system

Currently enrolled Frostburg students can log into PAWS

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The Registration Process

  • Registration will take place through PAWS. The system is available for registration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Some transactions such as independent study registrations are conducted in person at the Registrar's Office in Pullen Hall.
  • There is no printed listing of course offerings in the Registration guideline booklet. The up-to-date Class Schedule is available through PAWS (see the Schedule of Classes web page for details).
  • Undergraduate students must see their faculty mentor or university advisor prior to attempting to register to authorize their access to register for classes.
  • Graduate students may register immediately upon the receipt of their FSU username and password.
  • Academic departments will conduct overrides to permission only courses, class limits and/or course prerequisites where applicable.
The University reserves the right to provide some or all instruction and related academic activities through alternative methods of delivery, including remote delivery.  It also reserves the right to change the method of delivery before or during an academic term in the event of a health or safety emergency or other circumstance when it determines that such change is necessary or in the best interests of the campus community.  Tuition and mandatory fees will not be reduced or refunded if the University changes the delivery method for any or all of an academic session.