Snow Closing Information

It’s Snowing! Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Make sure you know how to find out if FSU will be closed, have a delayed opening or close early on bad weather days.

The most reliable information regarding delayed openings and cancellations will be available at 301-687-4000, option 2 after 6 a.m. Notification of delays or closures will also be made through these outlets:

Burg Alerts

Everyone should sign up for Burg Alerts, which, in addition to weather notifications, will be used to alert the campus in any kind of emergency. Alerts can be sent as text messages to your cell phones (standard texting rates apply) and as free emails. To sign up, click Follow the instructions, using your FSU user name and password to access the site.

You have the option of having alerts sent to two cell numbers and six email addresses, for example, if you want your family members to be informed. (They cannot sign up without your input.) This option is found under "Services" when you sign up. Make sure to follow the validation steps to activate your choices.

Unless FSU closure is announced on the outlets above, WE ARE OPEN. Likewise, the message under option 2 at the main University number will either announce the closure, or announce, "There are no delays or closures at this time." (If you are a student at a facility outside of Frostburg, officials from that facility will determine closures for those locations.)


The announcement of liberal leave for employees DOES NOT cancel classes. If you have concerns about your ability to make it to class in bad weather, discuss them with your faculty members BEFORE the weather turns nasty.

Depending on the severity of the weather, the Lane University Center and the Cordts PE Center may open with limited hours and services on days that classes are cancelled. This service is for students living on campus and within walking distance. Do not attempt to drive to campus if the weather is severe enough to warrant closing the University, for your own safety and for the sake of those who must work to clear parking lots and sidewalks. When it is determined that it is safe to open these buildings, announcements will be made via student email and the website homepage.

If you use SafeRide, there's a new way to stay informed in case SafeRide does not run in bad weather. Text the word "saferide" to 79516. You will receive a confirmation text that tells you that you have signed up successfully. You must have already signed up for Burg Alerts to use this service.


Personnel compensation for closures or delays will be based on the appropriate cancellation/delay message as presented on the FSU voice-mail system. A reminder: Essential personnel are required to report to work in the event of any cancellation or delay. These individuals have been notified of their "essential" status by their department heads. If you are unsure of your status, please check with your supervisor.

If, in your judgment, it is not safe for you to come to work or to class while the University is still open, you must contact your supervisor and provide this information. In the event that liberal leave is announced for employees, it is expected that everyone will make an effort to report to work and class. Employees who take liberal leave will be charged for the appropriate leave time. The announcement of liberal leave DOES NOT cancel classes, nor does it relieve essential employees of their need to report to work during inclement weather.




Who ya gonna call?

CALL 301-687-4000, OPTION 2, or check FSU's social media feeds.

Please do not call University Police or the Help Desk for weather-related information.


The following local radio/television stations will be notified in the event of a closing or delay:

WFRB (105.1 FM/560 AM)

WCBC (1270 AM/107.1 FM)

WTBO/WKGO/Go 106 (1450 AM/106.1 FM)

WVMD - The Wolf (100.1/99.9 FM)

WDYK - Magic (100.5 FM)

WCMD – ESPN (1230 AM)

WDZN (99.5 FM)

WMSG (1050 AM) Oakland

WKHJ (104.5 FM) Oakland

WWHQ (92.3 FM) Oakland

WKLP - ESPN (1390 AM) Keyser

WQZK (94.1 FM) Keyser

WHAG-TV Hagerstown

NOTE:  If there are mixed messages in the media (one station says we’re open, another says we’re closed) – PLEASE call the University number (301-687-4000, option 2) for clarification.  That number will always be the FINAL authority in case of confusion from other sources.