FSU AMA Chapter Embarks on NYC Journey: A Fusion of Learning, Leadership, and Cross-Cultural Exchange

Oct 6, 2023 12:00 AM

The FSU AMA chapter (formerly known as the Marketing Club) and their advisor, Dr. Lilly Ye, Professor in the Department of Marketing and Finance, traveled to New York City for the One Diversity Industry conference at Fordham University in New York City on October 6, 2023. This student-centered conference, which focused on personal branding, diversity, and leadership in the business world, provided a unique chance for the students to immerse themselves in diverse perspectives, network with industry professionals, and enhance their understanding of global business practices.

The conference offered many unique benefits, including the opportunity to enhance personal branding skills and leadership abilities, interact with students from other universities, and learn from professionals in the real world. It focused on empowering attendees to view themselves as the CEO of their own careers and provided strategies for success as they each enter a competitive business future.

Five exchange students from China also participated in the conference as members of the chapter. Incorporating students from various cultural backgrounds, the trip aimed to foster a strong sense of unity and collaboration among the group. The shared experience of navigating a student conference, coupled with exploring New York City, strengthened bonds among participants and encouraged cross-cultural exchange and friendship. This event not only promised to be a pivotal moment in their educational journey but also a significant step towards building a closely-knit community within the FSU AMA chapter.

FSU AMA chapter and their advisor, Dr. Lilly Ye, Professor in NYC