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Center for Regional Engagement and Economic Development (CREED)


We are committed to partnering with and assisting organizations (business, not-for-profit, government, and educational) in the Tri-State (Maryland-Pennsylvania-West Virginia) service area by extending faculty expertise in the areas of: information management, skills training, leadership- and management development training, and research and consulting services.

In Fulfillment of our Mission, We Will:

  • Contact regional organizations to promote the Center as the consulting arm of the College of Business and offer faculty expertise toward improving managerial expertise and enhancing organizational efficiencies.
  •  Seek local/regional collaborations in our service area with other institutions/entities, as feasible, to provide information and training that can improve organizational efficiencies and managerial expertise of local businesses, non-profit, and governmental organizations.

  • Seek to address the service needs of the community. These may include requests for economic impact studies, commissioned research, and administration of surveys to support local/regional economic development initiatives, in collaboration with the Division of Regional Development and Engagement.
  • In collaboration with other partners, assess the need and organize periodic conferences to address specific business issues and trends (such as impact of tax changes on the regional economy, changes in HR industry practices, entrepreneurship and economic development issues of the region, leveraging of technology to enhance rural communities, industry trends in digital and social media marketing, and the like).


College of Business Office of the Dean
Dr. Sudhir Singh -