Drop/Add Procedures and Prerequisites


To change a course (add or drop a course, change sections), students can access PAWS, the online registration system. Adding or dropping a class does not require a signature, except when a course is full, and a student wishes to add. Adding a course that indicates zero available seats may be possible with special permission and signed forms from the appropriate Department Chair.

Students are responsible for dropping / adding courses / sections at all times. However, if a student misses the first class meeting without notifying the instructor / department, the Department Chair has authority to drop the student from the course. Additionally, students may be administratively dropped due to a course cancellation or a missing prerequisite.

If a student withdraws from an undergraduate course during the first eight weeks or the first half of a course that is less than a regular semester in length, then that student will receive a 'W' grade. Exact dates governing withdrawal from a course without penalty are published in the Academic Calendar. If a student unofficially withdraws from a course, i.e., stops attending classes, an 'FX' grade will be given.

To withdraw from the University, see the University Catalog for a description of the process for withdrawing from all classes.


Please note that any student who does not meet course prerequisites (the prior courses or permissions required) may be administratively dropped from the registered course.

In the back of each University catalog is a section called Course Descriptions; this section is organized alphabetically by program code. For FSUBusiness, these codes are: ACCT, BLAW, BMIS, BUAD, ECON, FINA, MGMT, and MKTG. Course descriptions include prerequisite information. If the description does not state that a prerequisite is required, then there is no prerequisite for that course.

The PeopleSoft Registration System (PAWS) will not permit a student to register for a course if a prerequisite is not met by previous or current enrollment in the required prerequisite course.

If a student is granted permission to waive a prerequisite by the appropriate Department Chair, a department representative must register the student for the course.

An Example of a Course Prerequisite

MGMT 355 Operations Management
Prerequisites: MGMT 351 and MATH 209