General Information

Advising is a part of teaching and learning. As such, advising is a responsibility shared by faculty and students. The advising process within FSUBusiness fosters an atmosphere in which each student feels welcomed, heard, responded to, and respected as an individual. FSU College of Business advisors demonstrate high ethical standards and serve as positive role models.

The FSU College of Business Advising Center is a support program for both faculty and students. The Center supports the advising process by:

  • providing recordkeeping support for advising needs
  • assisting with preparation of appropriate advising materials
  • coordinating scheduling of classes, labs, and certain student events
  • coordinating work with students on probation
  • providing development opportunities to assist faculty to become better advisors and to assist students to meet their educational planning responsibilities
  • assessing advising effectiveness and recognizing excellence
  • encouraging continuous improvement in all advising processes

Each student will find a support structure for developing meaningful educational plans that are compatible with his or her life goals. FSU College of Business provides advising support through three primary support avenues:

A faculty advisor for one-on-one consultation,

  • the FSU College of Business Advising Center for supplemental support, and
  • Professional Development I and II courses for foundational knowledge and peer interactions.

As a result of the advising process, students should be able to:

  • locate and understand institutional policies and procedures in order to develop a degree completion plan,
  • identify and utilize relevant campus resources,
  • find solutions to academic and career-planning issues,
  • develop an educational plan and a career preparation strategy, and
  • articulate and implement personal, educational, and career goals.