Assurance of Learning Committee

Committee Charter


Standard, plus one undergraduate and one graduate student. Assurance of Learning Coordinator shall serve as Chair of this committee.

The Committee shall:

  • Establish and modify, as necessary, the appropriate assessment cycle and process for all COB programs;
  • Identify and assign appropriate groups to carry out each assessment task, including but not limited to
    • gathering baseline data,
    • gathering on-going performance data,
    • analyzing the performance data gathered,
    • recommending actions for change, and
    • reporting on outcomes assessment;
    • Prepare annually the college’s Assessment Report; and
    • Other relevant duties as charged by the Dean.

Committee Members (2017-2018)

  • Dwane Dean (Chair)
  • Randy Bandura
  • Ryan Kentrus
  • Oleg Kucher
  • Allen Shin
  • Thomas Sigerstad