Curriculum Committee

Committee Charter


Standard membership plus two students. A Department Chair, the Advising Center Coordinator, and the Associate Dean shall serve ex officio on this committee.

The Committee shall:

  • Ensure that program missions/objectives reflect institutional and College missions, needs of constituencies being served, and our competencies and competitive advantages;
  • Enhance College policies and procedures as appropriate to support assurance of learning efforts and compliance with AACSB standards for curriculum content and evaluation;
  • Consult with relevant stakeholders for each program;
  • Identify the appropriate input, processes, and outcome performance measures for each of the College’s programs in cooperation with the Assurance of Learning Committee;
  • Create ways and means to recognize (formally and informally) evidence of innovative, creative, and highly effective teaching practices, including advising;
  • Seek ways to promote quality teaching and advising;
  • Work with the Faculty Development Committee to promote quality teaching and to promote research and study in pedagogy and related areas; and
  • Other relevant duties as charged by the Dean.

Committee Members (2017-2018)

  • Dwane Dean (Chair)
  • Dave KiriazisJohn Neral
  • Shakil Rahman
  • Armond Rossi
  • Chelsea Schrader
  • Kathie Shaffer
  • Tammy Shockey
  • Patti Tilley
  • Stacy Wassell