Graduate Policy Committee

Committee Charter


Standard membership, plus two graduate students. Note that the members should be members of the Graduate Faculty. The Graduate Coordinator shall serve ex officio on this committee.

The Committee shall:

  • Insure that program missions/objectives reflect institutional and College missions, needs of constituencies being served, and our competencies and competitive advantages;
  • Enhance College policies and procedures as appropriate to support compliance with AACSB standards for graduate curriculum content and evaluation;
  • Consult with relevant stakeholders for each program;
  • Identify the appropriate input, process, and outcome performance measures for each of the College’s programs; and
  • Other relevant duties as charged by the Dean.

Committee Members (2017-2018)

  • Yan Bao (Chair)
  • Bill Anderson
  • Rebecca Chory
  • Kenneth Levitt
  • Mike Monahan
  • Vickie Mazer
  • Eyad Youssef