Internship Opportunities

"Experiential Education: Learning By Doing!"

For most of today's students, the college experience is far different from their counterparts at the turn of the century. By arranging for students to work as interns, under professionals who act as mentors, they can learn much that cannot be simulated in laboratories or taught using traditional instructional methods.

Whatever the goals may be for a field experience or internship, the key words are planning, doing, and reflecting. Field experience and internships can be found in every sort of organization, including the government, non-profit agencies, corporations, policy institutes, and neighborhood centers. They are part-time and full-time and may last for one or more academic terms, or a summer. They can be paid or unpaid. Name an activity and there is probably a way for you to do a field experience or internship related to it!

FSU College of Business maintains a bulletin board on the 3rd floor of Framptom Hall which contains any internship information that the University receives. Be sure to look and see if there is a position posted there for you!

We also recommend that you check out some alumni contacts at the got frostburg? site.