Message from the Dean of the College of Education

Dr Boyce WilliamsIt is my great pleasure to welcome you to the College of Education at Frostburg State University.

The college consists of three departments, the Department of Educational Professions, the Department of Kinesiology and the Department of Recreation and Parks Management, but as you will readily see as you explore our site, these three departments comprise fourteen very diverse programs all of which reflect our central mission which is to prepare you for a challenging and exciting career in your chosen field.

As a life-long educator and learner myself, I highly value opportunities to make experiential choices that suit my strengths and interests best. I want the same for you. Whether you have a passion for the field of teaching, athletic training or outdoor adventures, it is very important to me that you follow your dream and let us help you accomplish them.

I believe you will find here one of the most dedicated, well prepared and caring faculty and staff you will find anywhere. The significance of this is that they bring to the college a rich diversity in their own backgrounds and experiences which illuminate and inform their teaching and interactions with you.

Thank you for your interest in the College of Education at Frostburg State University. I look forward to meeting you!

Dr. Boyce Williams