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Maryland Accelerates Program

The Frostburg State University College of Education's Maryland Accelerates (MA) Program provides aspiring teachers the opportunity to earn an accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching (Elementary or Secondary track) degree along with an innovative year-long teacher residency in partnership with Frederick and Garrett County Public Schools.

Aiming to prepare and retain highly-effective educators with a focus on STEM education, the Maryland Accelerates Program provides a 12-month, $30,000 living-wage stipend during the residency portion of the program to admitted candidates. Candidates will also earn microcredentials across multiple areas (including Computational Thinking, Culturally-Responsive Pedagogy, and Classroom Management) during the program, and must complete his/her residency with either Frederick or Garrett County Public Schools. Upon graduation, teacher residents are required to apply to one of the partnering counties and commit to teaching there for a minimum of 3 academic calendar years. 



    The Maryland Accelerates Teacher-Residency Program provides a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in conjunction with a year-long experiential teacher residency in either Frederick or Garrett County Public Schools. Students that are accepted into the program receive a $30,000 living-wage stipend and will earn micro-credentials across multiple areas during their residency and internship.

    • The teacher education program is nationally accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).
    • Successful candidates are eligible for Maryland’s initial certification in grades 1-6 (Elementary track) and grades 7-12 (Secondary track).
    • The condensed experiential residency program begins each May and ends the following June.
    • Candidates will complete internships throughout the school year in professional development schools.
    • The program courses are taught by dynamic professors and clinical adjuncts, and are structured to foster a collaborative and supportive cohort experience.
    • The program offers affordable in-state and out-of-state tuition.
    • While the program offers a living stipend, students are eligible to apply for financial aid.

    Upon completion, graduates are eligible for employment in participating counties (currently Frederick and Garrett).


    The applicant must first be accepted into the Frostburg State University Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Elementary or Secondary Program. In addition, the applicants to the Maryland Accelerates Teacher Residency Program must:

    • Possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum 3.0 GPA;
    • For the Secondary residency track, possess a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Math, English, or Computer Science;
    • Submit proof that they have never served as a teacher of record; and
    • Submit to and pass criminal and professional background checks.

    The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please email us at

    1. Do I need to first apply to and be accepted into the MAT Program?
      • Yes, a candidate must first be accepted to the FSU Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.

    2. Is there a separate interview process for the Residency Track?
      • Yes, a candidate who has been admitted to the MAT program will be eligible to apply for the Teacher-Residency track. A separate interview process is required.

    3. Where do candidates complete their residency?
      • A candidate must complete his or her residency with one of the partnering districts; Garrett or Frederick County Public Schools. 
        *Upon graduation, the resident must apply to one of the partnering counties and commit to teaching there for a minimum of 3 academic years.

    4. When will I receive the stipend?
      • The stipend will be paid in equal monthly installments during the one-year residency program.

    5. How many credits are required for the MAT Teacher-Residency program?
      • MAT-Elementary: 46 credits
      • MAT-Secondary: 39-40 credits 

    6. What undergraduate courses do I need? 
      • For the MAT-Elementary track, you need:

        • 9 credit hours in the Sciences, (courses must include a Biology, a Physical Science, and an Earth or Space course)
        • 9 credit hours in Mathematics above the developmental level
        • 6 credit hours in English (3 hrs. in Writing, and 3 hrs. in Literature)
        • 9 credit hours in Social Sciences (which must include a History and a Psychology course)
        • 3 credit hours in either Fine Arts, Foreign Language, or another Social Science

        All courses must be 100 level or higher and the candidate must have earned a C or better for the course to be accepted.  The FSU Graduate Catalog describes these courses in more detail on pages 25-26.

    7. Am I still eligible to apply for financial aid even if I receive the stipend?
    8.  Does the resident have the option to pick the school and mentor teacher?
      • The program coordinator and district partners will take candidate circumstances and preferences for location and grade into consideration, but the final decision is based on the needs of the districts.

    9. Is the program in-person or virtual?
      • The program will follow current district policy. If they are teaching in-person then you will be in-person, and if the district is remote then you will be teaching remotely.

  • Teacher Residency Benefits
    • Residents receive a living stipend of $30,000 during the one-year teacher-residency program, to be paid monthly.
    • Upon successful completion of the program, residents receive a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.
    • Residents will be eligible for teacher licensure through the Maryland State Department of Education in specialized area of Sciences, Math, Computer Science, English or Elementary Education, upon successful completion of licensure requirements.
    • Residents will be eligible for consideration for a full-time teaching position in either Frederick County Public Schools (FCPS) or Garrett County Public Schools (GCPS), contingent on degree completion with the year-long residency, successful reference and background checks, and an available position.

      Note:  While the partner school district cannot guarantee the Teacher-Resident a teaching position, the Teacher-Resident will be well-positioned to be considered a competitive candidate in the hiring process.  The hiring of the Teacher-Resident will be subject to the selection and hiring processes of the partner school district, and the Teacher-Resident is responsible for engaging professionally in district processes.  Both partnering counties will be aware of the Teacher-Residents. The Residency county will have preference. If a position is not available in either partner county (FCPS or GCPS), the Maryland Accelerates Residency Program personnel will request additional options through the Department of Education for other approved school districts.

    • As part of the two-year induction program, residents will be provided with support through professional development, mentoring/coaching, and micro-credentialing for recertification and career advancement.


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