Starting Your Journey in CLAS

Considering Frostburg State University?

There are many resources for students considering admission to FSU. Follow the link below to schedule a campus tour, and be sure to request a visit with CLAS faculty in a major of your interest! CLAS faculty are also regularly present at Open House events as scheduled. 

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Choosing a Major 

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers thirty-four major programs across nineteen departments. Additionally, there are forty minor programs, twenty-five concentrations, sixteen tracks, seven areas of emphasis, one focus, eleven pre-professional options, and two teaching certificate options. Two thirds of FSU students are enrolled in a CLAS major and two thirds of faculty reside in a CLAS department. 

There are several resources available to students, before and after admission, to help you choose the major that's right for you. The CLAS Deans Office and CLAS faculty are available to discuss options for you in the college. Additionally, you can consult these resources:

Center for Academic Advising and Retention Career and Professional Development Center

Choosing a Minor

Many students in CLAS are able to incorporate one or more minors with little additional required coursework. This is one way you can create a tailored academic program to suit your specific interests and goals.

A few examples of major/minor combinations that are common among CLAS students include: 

  • Communication, Public Relations, Journalism, and Social Media
  • Engineering, Physics, and Math
  • English, Public Relations, and Journalism
  • Graphic Design and Visual Art
  • Theatre and Dance

Declaring your Major or Minor

You are expected to declare a major by the time you have completed 45 credit hours. You may change your major at any time by speaking with your advisor and chair of the department of the new major. 

You may declare a minor at any time by speaking with the chair of the department of your minor.

Choosing your Degree Type

CLAS currently offers four undergraduate degree options:
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)
    • The Bachelor of Fine Arts is awarded only to students who major in Art and Design
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.)
    • The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a professional degree awarded only to students who complete the RN to BSN degree program

Should I choose the BA or BS option?

For most programs in CLAS, the decision to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science is left to the student. At FSU, the Bachelor of Arts requires additional coursework in a foreign language. Depending on your program and your existing proficiency in a foreign language, it may or may not require additional credit hours. Taking our online placement examination is the first step in determining this. 

There are advantages to both degree options depending on your area of study. The Dean recommends students consult with their advisor once they have declared a major to choose the option that best fits their career plan.