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Video and Audio

Select a video below to learn more about the Department of Communication and its programs.

Contact: Keith Terry (keterry@frostburg.edu)

What can I do with a Communication Studies major?   https://youtu.be/dIvCYTL975s


What can I do with a Mass Communication Major?   https://youtu.be/gCjZq0LEtWA


What are the academic requirements needed to graduate from FSU?  https://youtu.be/IM_KZ7NBvhw


How many classes should I take each semester?   https://youtu.be/eKcOJ2KReo4


How can I pay for my education at FSU?  https://youtu.be/I82tfS9qZP0


What activities can I get involved in at FSU?  https://youtu.be/3MDD3fxeKyQ


Can I get an internship in Mass Communication?   https://youtu.be/h7nUS5tk89E


A video tour of the Mass Communication facilities at FSU: https://youtu.be/OsAwBH9fxC8