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Natalie Hart

Dr. Natalie Hart is PMHNP Program Coordinator in the Department of Nursing at Frostburg State University. She holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree, earned at Wilmington University in Delaware. Dr. Hart earned Master of Science (MS) and Bachelor of Science (BSN) degrees in nursing at the University of Maryland School of Nursing. She is a board-certified adult Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner.

Dr. Hart has extensive experience in behavioral health nursing education, clinical instruction, and practice. In addition to teaching graduate and undergraduate mental health nursing Dr. Hart is an advanced practice mental health nursing course developer. Her research interests include graduate level student engagement, behavioral health nursing faculty practice, PMHNP telehealth, community-based service-learning initiatives, and student/faculty civility.

As Coordinator Dr. Hart provides overall leadership and consultation in executing the PMHNP program, including strategic planning for program effectiveness, curriculum oversight, and faculty, staff, student advisement.

As an expert psychiatric and mental health professional Dr. Hart provides invitational and guest lectures on the topic of advanced practice psychiatric and mental health nursing, serves in the role of PMHNP preceptor, delivers primary mental health services, including psychotherapy, complementary and alternative therapies, and prescribing of psychopharmacologic therapies. She conducts initial psychiatric evaluations, provides individual, group, and family therapy, mental health diagnostics, mental health consultation, and holistic behavioral health treatment for anxiety, mood disorders, and general behavioral health concerns. She is passionate about strategic advocacy for increasing the general PMHNP workforce locally, statewide, nationally, and globally.