About the Advising Handbook

Your handbook is divided into several sections.  The first section contains academic information.  The information on the General Education Program, policies governing the advising of transfer students, and information on testing should be helpful to you.  Other sections include financial aid information, academic forms and procedures, a guide to the Student Information System, campus resources, and general information about academic advising.

In many instances, you will be encouraged to direct your advisees to access online resources that offices within the Division of Student and Educational Services have developed.   For example, there are extensive web-based resources in career services that will assist students in both career exploration and job searches.  The Counseling Center has “virtual pamphlets” on a variety of subjects available on its website.  Students can also access online the services of the Writing Center.  Assistance with time management and study skills may be found on links on the Student Support Services website.

Effective academic advising has been found to contribute to students’ self-confidence and sense of where they are going in their college careers, a student characteristic that has been found to be related positively to retention.  You can play an important role in reducing the uncertainty of students through your own knowledge and concern, and through referrals to other campus resources.

You are encouraged to become familiar with the contents of this handbook.  As mentioned earlier, if you have comments, questions, or suggestions, please share them with me.