Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages & Literature

Make your voice heard – no matter where the future takes you!

A bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature from Frostburg State University can set you on a road that leads wherever you want it to, in this country or abroad. The modern world holds many opportunities for professionals trained in a second language, from translating documents to interpreting in hospitals, courtrooms and businesses, or teaching either in the USA or abroad. With the power of language in your arsenal and the confidence that FSU’s experiential curriculum inspires, you’ll be prepared to take on a world-savvy future!

  • Gain fluency in Spanish, which the Index of Human Development ranks as the second most important language on Earth, behind English.
  • Become an all-star educator by partnering with the College of Education to earn your Teaching Certificate.

Foreign Languages & Literature Highlights

  • Work with other FSU programs and prepare for a future in a specific field. The Foreign Languages & Literature program is constantly working to expand Language for the Professions courses to meet the needs and interests of students.
  • Learn about surprising similarities and wonderful differences among cultures around the world.
  • Accelerate your studies and start where you left off – FSU uses the WebCAPE placement exam to start you at a level that matches your language abilities. Find out more about the WebCAPE exam on their website.
  • Travel to the farthest corners of the world with the Center for International Education, which offers access to hundreds of universities in over 40 countries. The CIE also coordinates unique partnerships with eight universities and brings students from all across the world to FSU.
  • Join a student organization and find new friends! FSU’s foreign language clubs include the Latin American Student Organization, Amnesty International Student Chapter, French Club and Spanish Club.
  • Go easy on your wallet. In addition to one of the lowest tuition rates around, Frostburg State offers several scholarships just for foreign language students.

About Our Foreign Languages & Literature Faculty:

  • Study the languages of the world with teachers who hail from across the globe.
  • Meet faculty who are eager to get to know you personally, who are dedicated to not just teaching you a language but to helping you understand its culture and apply it in the field of your choice.

Sample Foreign Languages & Literature Courses:

Intercultural Understanding – The study of the concept of Culture as well as its multiple manifestations and the case-study of three diverse peoples.

French for the Professions – Vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking for contact with the French professional world. Use of role-plays, authentic French business materials, analysis of French professional sectors, culture and etiquette.

Spanish – English Translation – Introduction to translation theory and method, with a specific focus on Spanish to English translation. Students will practice these theories and methods through both in-class and out-of-class translation assignments.

Selected Topics in Foreign Language and Literature – A variable topic in a foreign language, literature, or culture other than French or Spanish such as Italian, Japanese, German, Arabic or Chinese.

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Career Outlook for Foreign Language Specialists

Professionals with fluency in more than one language can find work in almost any field, thanks to our increasingly connected world. Between 2012 and 2022, translators and interpreters in general are expected to see an explosive job growth of 46%, a reflection of the rising need for multilingual professionals. The best prospects await those educated in their field of choice and its specific terminology. In addition to new jobs in schools, hospitals, courtrooms and the military, language specialists will be needed to teach English as a second language to immigrants. For more information, visit  US BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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