B.S./B.A. in Liberal Studies

Your education can be as unique as you are!

Have an idea for your future, but you aren't sure which program would be best to get you there? Frostburg State University’s bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies lets you design your own major to optimize your abilities, your interests and your educational career. Students in the Liberal Studies program mark themselves as creative professionals who think outside the box, taking charge of their education and preparing to excel in a world driven by innovation.

Frostburg’s Liberal Studies program allows you to combine any of a variety of areas to meet your academic goals, from graphic design courses to biochemistry labs. You’ll get to take advantage of the entire length and breadth of FSU’s ample resources and become part of a great student group with your Liberal Studies peers. You’ll graduate from a flexible program that puts the focus on you and how you can get a top-notch education, whatever future you’re preparing for!

  • Customize your undergraduate degree around a particular minor or certificate, or fine-tune your education to fit your desired career.

  • Use your Liberal Studies degree as preparation for graduate or professional programs.

  • Keep your credits! Transfer students frequently use the Liberal Studies program to maintain their educational plan from a two-year or other institution after transferring to Frostburg.

  • Earn your Liberal Studies degree on FSU’s scenic campus or at the University System of Maryland at Hagerstown. Depending on your program of study, take advantage of flexible online offerings as well.

Liberal Studies Highlights

  • Plan your own curriculum! The Liberal Studies program consists of general education classes over a range of arts and sciences, then courses at intermediate and upper levels in whatever focus area or areas you choose.
  • Get ready for the future with a program that can prepare you for anything. Graduate of FSU’s Liberal Studies program are self-motivated, life-long learners who can work with specialists across a broad spectrum of fields.
  • Become part of an outstanding student body. Liberal Studies is a popular choice for non-traditional students, transfer students and students who challenge what they can do with their undergraduate education.
  • Don’t worry about declaring your major early in your college years. You can declare a Liberal Studies major whenever you’re ready – even in your junior or senior year.

About Our Faculty:

  • Work closely and develop a strong partnership with your Liberal Studies advisor, who can help you direct your Plan of Study and explore your interests. 
  • Pick the best professors and classes for you from offerings across the entire University!

Build your resume:

Field Experience in Liberal Studies – Completion of a work experience as part of your focus in Liberal Studies. Work experience must relate directly to academic program. Students keep a reflective journal of each day worked. Get valuable work experience and build your resume!

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Career Outlook for Liberal Studies Majors

When looking for recent college graduates to hire, employers are increasingly focusing on critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills rather than just a particular major. A rigorous Liberal Studies program marks an applicant as innovative, driven and eager to make the most out of any challenge that comes along. Check out the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook for an expansive list of careers, including growth rates and entry-level requirements, any of which may be your future!

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