Master of Business Administration

Program Philosophy

This program embraces the assumption that managers must function within a dynamic environment of uncertainty and change. Success will be influenced by the capacity to sensitively scan the environment; to assess facts for their relevance; to formulate appropriate, informed and innovative decisions; and to implement actions for maximum effectiveness. The ability to persuasively communicate, founded on self-awareness and relating to others, is integral to this process.

Curricular Focus

You will be exposed to a broad-based, generalist perspective of the organizational environment. This entails development of an understanding of the functional components of organizational activity (e.g., accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, management), but within an integrated context.  Additionally, we strive to assist in the development of the following:

  • Leadership and ethical behavior
  • A systems perspective
  • The ability to analyze, synthesize, integrate
  • An awareness of self and environment
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development
  • Communication effectiveness
  • Creativity/vision/the inclination to initiate
  • Collaboration, effectiveness as a team member
  • Technological sophistication
  • An appreciation of ambiguity, uncertainty, equifinality
  • A willingness to embrace and promote change/risk-taking
  • An attitude of professionalism

Program Structure

Frostburg State Universiy's AACSB online Master of Business Administration program will give you the professional edge you need to succeed in today's demanding business world. Ranked in US News and World Report as a top MBA program and recognized by as a Best Buy among AACSB online programs, FSU's online MBA is designed in a 7-week course model to allow students the opportunity to juggle professional, personal and academic commitments.

The 36-credit hour program offers eight core MBA courses to provide all students a well-rounded foundation to advance their careers in management.  All students choose among three concentrations which offer 4 courses that focus on honing professional skills and knowledge to align with a desired career path. These concentrations include Business Analytics, Health Care Management and General Management.

Curriculum (36-42 credits)

MBA Essentials (6 credit hours)
(The Essentials courses are 3 credit hours each. If you have credit for equivalent courses as an undergraduate or graduate student, these courses are not required. At the time of admission, your previous course work will be evaluated and you will receive a letter of acceptance indicating which of these courses you must complete.)

MBA Essentials:  3-6 credits
Please note: Students without academic background in business may be required to take the following essentials courses as prerequisites to core courses. This will be determined at the time of application and with a review the students undergraduate transcript. 

 ACCT 507     Accounting Essentials
 MKTG 508    Management and Marketing Essentials

MBA Core Courses (24 credits)
ACCT 546  Managerial Accounting (Prerequisite ACCT 507 or waiver from ACCT 507)
ECON 511  Economics for Managers
FINA 610   Financial Management (Prerequisite ACCT 507 or waiver from ACCT 507)
MGMT 510  Leadership and Ethics
MGMT 542  Organizational Behavior (Prerequisite MKTG 508 or waiver from MTKG 508)
MGMT 621  Foundations of Analytics
MKTG 640  Marketing Management (Prerequisite MKTG 508 or waiver from MTKG 508)
MGMT 680  Strategic Planning ( Prerequisite ACCT 546 and should be taken in last 9 credit hours)

Business Analytics (12 credits)
MGMT 622 Data Management (Prerequisite MGMT 621)
MGMT 623 Data Analysis (Prerequisite MGMT 621)
MGMT 624 Business Analytics I (Prerequisite 623)
MGMT 625 Business Analytics II (Prerequisite 623)

Management (12 credits)
MGMT 512 Management Decision Analysis
MGMT 590 Special Topics in Management
MGMT 620 Strategic Human Resources Management (Prerequisite MKTG 508 or waiver from MTKG 508)
MGMT 623 Data Analysis 

Health Care Management (12 credits)
MGMT 631 Health Care Management and Finance
MGMT 632 Health Care Policy, Law and Ethics
MGMT 633 Principles of Population Health Management
MGMT 634 Health Care Information Management Systems

Course Load and Scheduling

Frostburg State University’s MBA program offers all courses each semester but availability differs in each 7 week session within the semester.  Summer session schedules traditionally include all courses; however, this may vary based on demand.  This program is designed with the recognition that students will progress at different paces, depending upon the personal and professional demands on their time. Students may complete the program in 12 months (3 courses per semester) with full-time enrollment and 2 years (2 courses per semester) with part-time enrollment. It is not advised for students to be working full time and taking more than 2 courses per semester (one each 7 week session). 

Course Schedule by Semester and Session
Core Courses   Fall A Fall B Spring A Spring B Summer A Summer B
MGMT 510 x   x   x  
ECON 511   x   x   x
MGMT 542 x   x   x  
ACCT 546   x   x   x
FINA 610 x   x   x  
MGMT 621   x   x   x
MKTG 640   x   x   x
MGMT 680 x   x   x  
Business Analytics              
MGMT 622 x   x   x  
MGMT 623   x   x   x
MGMT 624 x   x   x  
MGMT 625   x   x   x
General Management              
MGMT 512 x   x   x  
MGMT 590 x   x   x  
MGMT 620   x   x   x
MGMT 623   x   x   x
Health Care Management              
MGMT 631 x   x   x  
MGMT 632   x   x   x
MGMT 633 x   x   x  
MGMT 634   x   x   x
Please note that the new concentration courses will begin in Spring 2019


Recommended Program Progression




Administrative Program Features

Because most students are busy professionals, all administrative features of the program have been simplified and are achievable online:

  • There are no course requirements that cannot be satisfied within the program and online.
  • All registration activities can be conducted through FSU’s PAWS online registration system or by mail.
  • Contact with the graduate program coordinator, instructors and administrative support may be accomplished via phone or email or through Canvas, the universities online learning system.
  • Book ordering can also be conducted online.
  • Computer labs are available for students who are within geographic proximity of the Frostburg or Hagerstown (MD.) campuses.
  • All students are provided access (from personal PCs or program computer labs) to the University’s online research resources.

Technology Support

Frostburg’s MBA program uses the canvas platform. Technology training for students is available online via our OIT website. The Help Desk offers technology support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.