MBA/Accounting Requirements

Master of Science - Business Administration

The MBA/Accounting program is only available to students who have graduated or will graduate from Frostburg State University with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

The 153-hour combined BS/MBA program enables eligible students to complete Frostburg State University’s BS in Accounting and MBA degree programs with 153 hours of academic credit. Separate pursuit of these degrees would require a minimum of 156 hours of course work. All CPA exam candidates in many states including Maryland are required to complete 150 hours of academic credit. Completion of this combined BS/MBA program will meet all educational requirements for CPA exam candidacy in many states including Maryland. This program is available to students that have graduated or will be graduating from FSU with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Please note: While this program is only available to FSU Accounting majors,  perspective MBA students that graduated from a university outside of FSU and who hold a CPA license can apply for credit by exam for the two MBA courses which will result in the need to complete only 30 of the 36 required core credits of the MBA program.

Eligibility requirements for the combined BS/MBA

  • Declared accounting major at FSU, or FSU accounting graduate
  • GMAT or GRE scores  (waiver option is available for students with:

    An advanced degree with a 3.0 GPA or higher.
    An undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher
    An undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or higher with three years of relevant work experience (resume required)
    An Undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher with five years of relevant work experience (resume required)
  • Accounting Major GPA of 2.5 or better at the time of application
  • Approval of Accounting Department Chair

Summary of Requirements for Combined BS/MBA Option

Undergraduate Requirements for BS in Accounting

  1. Complete all requirements for baccalaureate degree in accounting.
    See the FSU Undergraduate Catalog.

  2. Complete the following additional MBA courses (30 hours):

    MBA Core Courses (21 credits)

    ECON 511 Economics for Managers

    FINA 610   Financial Management (Prerequisite ACCT 507 or waiver from ACCT 507)

    MGMT 510 Leadership and Ethics

    MGMT 542 Organizational Behavior (Prerequisite MKTG 508 or waiver from MTKG 508)

    MGMT 621 Foundations of Analytics

    MKTG 640 Marketing Management (Prerequisite MKTG 508 or waiver from MTKG 508)

    MGMT 680 Strategic Planning (Prerequisite ACCT 546 and should be taken in last 9 credit hours)

    Business Analytics (12 credits)

    MGMT 622 Data Management (Prerequisite MGMT 621)

    MGMT 623 Data Analysis (Prerequisite MGMT 621)

    MGMT 624 Business Analytics I (Prerequisite 623)

    MGMT 625 Business Analytics II (Prerequisite 623)

    Management (12 credits)

    MGMT 512 Management Decision Analysis

    MGMT 590 Special Topics in Management

    MGMT 620 Strategic Human Resources Management (Prerequisite MKTG 508 or waiver from MTKG 508)

    MGMT 623 Data Analysis

    Health Care Management (12 credits)

    MGMT 631 Health Care Management and Finance

    MGMT 632 Health Care Policy, Law and Ethics

    MGMT 633 Principles of Population Health Management

    MGMT 634 Health Care Information Management Systems

    *MGMT 680 must be taken in last 6-9 credits of study (last semester).