Curriculum and Course Sequence

Master of Science - Wildlife/Fisheries Biology

Core Courses (12- credit hours)

  • BIOL  514   Quantitative Analysis of Vertebrate Populations 
  • BIOL  550   Ecology and Management of Wildlife Populations
    BIOL 520   Fish Management and Culture 
  • BIOL  600   Methods of Research in Biological Sciences     
  • BIOL  694   Graduate Seminar in Fish/Wild/AECB                         
  • MATH  680   Research Statistics                                                           

Elective Courses (12-18 credit hours)

At least 12 credit hours of graduate courses are to be selected with the approval of your advisor and committee members.

Capstone (6-12 credit hours)

BIOL  710   Thesis                                                                             

* Enroll in the final credit hours of thesis in the semester in which you expect completed thesis to be approved.  A minimum of 6 credit hours of thesis is required. Students should work with their advisor to determine the number of thesis credits and number of elective credits which will be required to meet the 36 credit hours for degree completion and to develop a plan which best suits the student’s career goals.

Total credit hours: at least 36