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Refund Policy

The following regulations govern refunds available upon withdrawal from the University or when other changes of status take place. To withdraw from the University, you must complete an official withdrawal card and file it in the Registrar’s Office before you are entitled to any refund. Because refund amounts change depending upon when you file, the date used to determine refunds will be the date on which you submit the final filing or change of status to the Registrar’s Office.

If you register for a full schedule (12 credits or more) and you drop courses to 11 credits or fewer after the end of the registration period, you are not entitled to a refund based on a credit-hour charge. Students dismissed for disciplinary reasons are not entitled to any tuition or fee refund.

Refunds from Financial Aid

FSU processes refunds through the University and Student Billing Office after it posts to the student account from the Financial Aid Office. Refunds are processed to the student after all University charges have been paid. If the student has a Parent Plus Loan (PLUS) these funds are applied to the student account first. If there is a credit balance from the PLUS loan after the entire bill is paid, then the parent may elect to receive the refund or have it refunded to the student. If notification of choice is not received then the parent will be issued a refund.

Reissue Check Fee
A stop payment check fee is assessed for checks in which the Bursar's Office has to reissue. $30.00.

Providing a social security number to Frostburg State University is not required, however, in order to process any refund to a student the State of Maryland requires it before funds can be released to an individual. If you are a citizen of the United States and did not provide a social security number upon admission, please complete the W-9S  and submit it to the Registrar's Office with a copy of your social security card.

Foreign students are processed without the social security number if one has not been issued.

Student Refund Policy for Title IV Recipients
Federal regulations mandate a student refund policy for Title IV recipients. The policy requires institutions to provide a pro-rata refund to any new student withdrawing before 60% of the enrollment period has elapsed. Information in regard to the calculation process or details of the policy may be obtained from the Financial Aid Office, Pullen Hall, 301-687-4301.


Personal Funds

If your balance reflects a credit of personal funds, you must write a request for a refund. It may be submitted from your Frostburg email account to  All check transactions or ACH(electronic funds transfer) require a 15-business day waiting period or proof from the Banking Instituition that the funds have cleared the account before any overpayment may be refunded.

Any unpaid charges on a student’s financial account with the university will be subtracted from any refund prior to processing a refund request. For payments made by credit card, refunds will be credited to the original credit card account and will be reflected on the credit card monthly statement. For each term, credit card refunds will be processed after the term's Drop/Add period. However, students may ask for a credit card refund prior to this by contacting the University & Student Billing Office. If a student receives a refund of amounts charged to a credit card, the credit card owners are responsible for paying any and all interest charges accrued on the credit card.

Refund Schedules

Fall and Spring Semester    

Before the end of each registration period

  100% tuition refunded
Before the 15th calendar day after the official start of classes for that session   80% tuition refunded
From the 15th day until the end of third week after the official start of classes   60% tuition refunded
During the 4th week after the official start of classes   40% tuition refunded
During the 5th week after the official start of classes   20% tuition refunded
At the end of the 5th week after the official start of classes   0% tuition refunded

Fee Refund Schedule (including Summer Session)

Application fee

  0% refunded
Board fee - Up to mid-semester prorated on a weekly basis plus one week
  - After mid-semester 0% refund
Summer Sessions    

Before the end of the summer registraton period

  100% tuition refunded
Before the end of one-fifth of the length of the session, but in no case beyond the 7th calendar day of the session
  80% tuition refunded
Before the end of two-fifths of the length of the session   40% tuition refunded
At the end of two fifths of the length of the session, but in all cases beginning with at least the 15th calendar day of the session   0% tuition refunded

*In the case of special courses of short duration (i.e., one week or less), this policy will be applied on a pro-rata basis in a manner consistent with the policy.

Non-refundable Fees
The following fees are non-refundable after the end of each registration period including the summer session:

  • Room rent fee
  • Auxiliary Facilities fee
  • Activities fee
  • Athletic fee
  • Directed Practice fee
  • Transportation fee
  • Private Music fee
  • Student Union Operating fee
  • University fee
  • Vehicle Registration fee
  • Special Instruction Fee
  • Course/class fees