FSU Policies

This page provides links to all FSU Official Policies. FSU Policies are presented in PDF format.

NamePolicy No.BOR Ref.
Table of Contents
Academic Advising2.009III-2.50
Academic Dishonesty2.017III-1.00
Academic Freedom2.023III-1.00
Policy for Distribution of Indirect Costs6.035
Access Policy3.100VII - 2.20l
Accident Investigations3.050Internal
Accident Reports & Record Keeping3.063Executive Order
Adding and Withdrawing from Courses2.010Internal
Advising Student Organizations4.019V-1.00
Advertising by Off-Campus Individuals4.021VI-3.00, VIII-6.00-1
Advertising for Employment3.037Internal
Alcoholic Beverages4.001VI-8.00-1
Alcoholic Beverages - Vehicle Policy3.059Internal
Anti-Harassment and Retaliation Statement1.014
Art Exhibition Space2.030VI-4.10
Assignment and Use of State Vehicles3.012VI-4.10
Athletic Eligibility2.020V-2.00
Audio Visual Equipment Policy2.042VII-3.00
Bed Lofts4.022V-5.00
Buckley Amendment4.030Federal Law
Calculating GPA in Major2.026III-6.30
Campus Playing Fields (Use of)2.028VI-4.10
Candidate Reimbursement Policy3.103Internal
Capitalization of Equipment3.095Internal
Capitalization and Inventory Control3.069Internal
Cellular Telephones and Services Policy & Procedures3.106
Chargeback Policy3.057Internal
Children in the Workplace1.011Internal
Class Standing2.039III-6.40
Classification for Admission, Tuition and Charge
Differential Purposes - Students Residing in
Contiguous Counties
Classroom Visitation (Policy On)2.027Internal
Code of Ethics1.005III-1.00
Commercial Activity4.014VIII-6.00-1
Compliance with Disability
Discrimination Law
Computer Security3.039Internal
Contingent Category II Employment for
Non-Exempt & Exempt Employees
Continuing EducationBOR Policy ManualIII-2.00
Continuing Instruction When Faculty are Absent2.032Internal
Cooke Memorial Fund3.101Internal
CopyrightBOR Policy ManualIV-3.10
Cost Sharing Policy3.116Internal
Cost Transfer Policy3.117Internal
Creation and Maintenance of Policies1.000
Credit by Examination2.011III-1.40
Credit Cards3.083Internal
Death of an Employee3.093Internal
Deferred Payment Plan3.040VIII-2.20
Degree RequirementsBOR Policy ManualIII-7.00
Department Chairpersons2.003Internal
Departmental Name Change(s)3.098Internal
Diagnostic/Placement Testing2.012III-4.00
Disability Student Services Policy4.036
Disclosure of Student & Educational Records4.030Buckley Amendment
Disposal of Excess and Surplus Property3.025VIII-1.20
Disruptive Behavior of Individual Students4.003V-1.00
Distance Education Student Complaints2.049
Distribution of External Billing Revenues3.082Internal
Donations of Meeting Rooms or Bed Spaces3.019VI-4.10
Dual Employment Policy for Exempt & Non-Exempt
Early Admission and Concurrent Enrollment4.028III-2.40, III-4.00
Effort Reporting and Cost Sharing2.047Internal
Electronic Accessibility Policy3.107Internal
Eligibility to Register2.036III-2.30
Emergency Preparedness Procedure3.086Internal
Emeriti Administrators3.051Internal
Emeriti Staff3.052Internal
Employee Fringe Benefits3.001VII-1.00
Employee Grievance3.010VII-3.00, II-4.00
Employee Health & Safety Training3.060Executive Order
Employee Volunteer Firefighters3.006Internal
Employment Clearing3.004Internal
Employment of and Benefits for Graduate Students2.041VII-4.50
Energy Efficient Purchasing Policy3.115Internal
Equipment Removal3.008VI-4.10
Facility Reservations3.009VI-4.10
Faculty BOR Policy ManualBOR Policy ManualSection II
Faculty Office Hours2.005Internal
Faculty Personnel2.001Section II
Faculty Searches2.029Internal
Financial Aid Policy for Undergraduate Students4.033VIII-2.41
Fees and Charges3.003VIII-2.10
Final Examinations2.016Internal
Financial Aid Eligibility4.013V-3.00
Fire/Safety/Health Procedural Info3.062Executive Order
Fiscal Irregularities1.007Internal
Fund Raising5.003IX-3.00
Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy1.004Internal
General Administrative1.001Internal
General Education Program2.007III-7.00
Gift Policy5.004IX-3.00
Graduate AssistantsBOR Policy ManualVIII-2.60
Graduation with Honors2.021III-7.00
Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Information Security
Greek Organizations4.017Internal
Guidelines for Course Syllabi2.025III-4.00
Health & Safety Committee3.087Internal
Health & Safety Inspections3.047ExecOrder
Hiring of Foreign Nationals3.114Internal
Honorary Degrees5.005III-3.00
Identification Cards3.002Internal
Identity Theft Prevention Program3.118Internal
Identity Verification for Online Courses2.048Internal
Immunization Documentation Policy4.024Federal Law
Independent Study Courses2.022Internal
Intellectual Property Policy1.010IV-3.20
Judicial System4.020V-1.00
Layoff, Policy on Layoff, Implementation of
Unclassified Personnel
Layoff, Policy on Layoff, Implementation of
Classified Personnel
Leadership Position Eligibility4.016Internal
Leadership Programs Scholarship2.045Internal
Leased Vehicle Operation3.053Internal
Leave of Absence2.004II-2.00, II-2.30
Leave Without Pay for Faculty2.033II-2.20
Library Collection Development2.006Internal
Lost and Found Procedure4.026Internal
Maintenance of Personnel Files for Frostburg State
University Employees
3.102VII 6.02
Medical/Health Management Services3.061Executive Order
Memberships in Professional and Academic
Mid-Semester Warnings2.038Internal
Modified Duty Procedure3.070VII-7.41
Monthly Payment Plan3.040VIII-2.20
Moving Expenses Payment3.056Internal
Moving Violations3.054Internal
Naming of Facilities and Educational Programs5.006VI-4.00
New Student Refund Policy for Title IV Funds3.075Federal Law
Non-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity1.008
Nonexempt Employees Overtime Meal Policy3.058Internal
Non-Exempt Employees Who Participate in
University-Recognized Service
Notification of Change in Name or Status of FSU4.034Internal
Occupational Exposure To Bloodborne Pathogens3.048VI-11.00
Off-Campus Housing4.011Internal
Off-Road Traffic Policy3.036Internal
On-Call/Call-Back Policy3.105VII - 4.62
Orientation Requirement2.008Internal
Overload on Sponsored Projects2.043II-3.10/3.20
Parking Enforcement Officers3.024VI-9.00
Parking Privileges-Retired or Emeritus Faculty/Staff3.066Internal
Passengers in State Vehicles3.079Internal
Personal Property of State Employees3.007Internal
Personal Protection Procedures3.046Exec Order
Pets on Campus3.020Internal
Petty Cash Accounts3.031Internal
Placement Credential Files4.023V-1.0
Positive Time Reporting for Contractual Faculty
and Graduate Assistants
Post-Offer, Pre-Employment Physicals1.012
Posting of Notices3.021Internal
Preferred Name Policy1.013
Preventive Maintenance Program Policy3.085Internal
Procurement Cards3.111Internal
Professional LibrariansBOR Policy ManualVII-1.00
Raffles and Sales4.015IX-3.00
Refund Policy3.074VIII-7.00
Reasonable Accommodations for Disabilities Due to Pregnancy
Act Policy
Request for Changes to Student Personal Data4.038Internal
Residence Hall Contract4.006V-5.00
Residence Hall Damage Deposit4.007V-5.00
Residence Halls Extended Contract4.025V-5.00
Residence Hall Room Painting4.009Internal
Residence Hall Security Procedures4.031Internal
Residence Hall Visitation4.010Internal
Residency Status Appeal4.002VIII-2.70
Restricted Grade Forgiveness for Returning
Undergraduate Students
Risk Management Policy3.023Internal
Risk Management Program Employee Health &
Safety Promotion
Risk Management Program Evaluation3.049Internal
Risk Management Program Staffing3.042Internal
Risk Management Program Rules/Regulation3.043Internal
RMP Employee Assistance Program3.045Internal
Room Reservation Fee4.008Internal
Scheduling of Academic Assignments on Dates of
Religious Observance
School Closing Due to Inclement Weather3.013Internal
Search and Seizure4.012Internal
Sick Leave for Exempt & Non-Exempt Employees3.094VII-7.45
Signature Stamp3.064Internal
Smoking3.014Governor's ExecOrder
Sponsored/Co-Sponsored Events/Activities and
Fee Waivers
Standards Governing Low Scholarship2.018Internal
Student Academic Responsibility2.037Internal
Students with Disabilities4.035Internal
Student Drivers3.016VI-4.10
Student Emergency Contact and Local Address4.037Internal
Student Employment Policies4.029V-4.00
Student Fees for Courses Offered at Off-Campus
Student Grievances on Course Grades2.019III-1.20
Substance Abuse Policy1.009State/Federal Law
Summer Session Parking Fee3.032Internal
Summer Internship Pay2.044Internal
Tailgating Policy3.076Internal
Terminal Leave for Faculty2.031VII-2.00
Textbook Information3.071Internal
Thesis/Dissertation Printing3.065Internal
Travel Approval Policy3.090Internal
Travel Limits on State Vehicles3.055Internal
Travel Procedures3.029VIII-11.10
Tuition and Fee Charges for Students Enrolled
Concurrently at the Frostburg and Hagerstown
Tuition Fellowships for Graduates2.040VIII-2.60
Tuition Remission for Faculty and Staff3.027VII-4.10
Tuition Remission for Self-Supported Programs3.028VII-4.10
Tuition Remission for Dependent Children of Faculty & Staff3.026VII-2.40
Tuition Waiver for Certain Members Of The
Maryland National Guard
Using Email as Official Communication with
Students, Faculty, & Staff
Vehicle Registration3.011Internal
Voice Processing/Messaging System3.077Internal
Waiver of Application Fees Board of Regent Policy4.027VIII-2.80
Waiver of Tuition and Granting of Other Privileges
for Senior Citizens of MD
Waiver of Tuition for Teacher of the Year3.068Internal
Weapon Registration3.015Internal
Web Site Development and Operations Policy3.108Internal
Web Site, E-mail, and Data Storage Privacy Policy3.109Internal
Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources6.001
Work Schedules for Regular Nonexempt and Exempt Staff
3.104VII - 6.10
Telework Policy3.120Internal
AFSCME Collective Bargaining Unit Telework Agreement3.121Internal
Regular Telework Agreement3.121Internal
Hybrid Telework Agreement3.121Internal
Workplace Violence Policy3.097