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Aid Programs

Financial aid includes any grant, scholarship, loan or paid employment intended to help you meet your education-related expenses. It can come from a variety of federal and state agencies, foundations, corporations and universities, including FSU. You must be planning to take six credits or more per semester to qualify.

  • Grants and scholarships are “gift” assistance. The money never needs to be repaid, although you may be expected to follow some guidelines, such as keeping your grades above a certain level or enrolling in a particular major.
  • Loans do need to be repaid. They are usually offered at low interest rates and can be repaid over an extended period after you leave FSU.
  • Work-Study assistance offers an hourly rate for work performed rather than a lump sum of money. Work-Study jobs have an additional benefit – they can go on your résumé, too!

Your financial aid will come in a “package,” which consists of a combination of grants, loans, employment and other aid for which you qualify.

Graduate students may also apply for Graduate Assistantships, which provide a tuition waiver and stipend in exchange for 20 hours weekly of research, teaching or other activities related to their program. Visit the Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid for Graduate Students pages to learn more.

Check out these financial aid opportunities to see which ones fit your academic plan.



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