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Applying for Financial Aid

You can apply for all types of aid offered through FSU just by filling out two main applications:

About the FAFSA

The FAFSA allows you to qualify for a wide variety of need-based assistance, and FSU's Online Scholarship Application puts you in the running for over 270 scholarships hosted at Frostburg State.

Before you file your FAFSA

To begin the FAFSA, you'll need to create a special ID called an FSA ID. You can create a new FSA ID or edit an existing one at https://fsaid.ed.gov/npas/index.htm.

While filling out the FAFSA, you'll also need your Social Security Number and your Federal Income Tax Return from the previous year. You may not have received your Tax Return yet, so it's okay to enter an estimate and update it later.

The deadline for both applications is March 1, but we recommend you file your FAFSA by February 15. You can file the FAFSA as early as October 1.

New students can apply for FSU Scholarships once they receive their Student ID numbers and passwords to log into the AcademicWorks portal. Entering freshmen and transfer students are also automatically screened for several merit-based awards, but not for all FSU scholarships.

Go to the FAFSA

Go to FSU's Online Scholarship Application

If you are no longer planning to attend FSU:

Please notify the Financial Aid Office by emailing us at fsufinaid@frostburg.edu.

I've applied.

Now what?

Applying for Federal or State Financial Aid

Some state and federal aid programs require additional steps to apply:

  • The Maryland GA Grant - Maryland Higher Education will evaluate FAFSA's processed by the March 1 deadline.
  • MD Delegate and Senatorial Scholarships vary across different districts of Maryland. Students should contact their delegate or senator for details.
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loans are requested through a government website. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office for instructions.

Learn more about how to apply for these programs on the State and Federal aid programs pages.

FAFSA Filing Facts

Recommended FAFSA Filing Deadline: FSU recommends that students seeking aid file the FAFSA as soon as October 1st; no later than February 15th.

FSU Priority Deadline:
March 1st
(processed FAFSA must be to FSU)

FSU School Code: 002072


Financial Aid Office
114 Pullen Hall