Fall 2020 Plan and Information
COVID-19 Updates and Information

Special Course Work Fees

The following special fees for course work are non-refundable at the end of the free drop-add period:

Private Music Fee: Music students desiring private study of organ, piano, other instruments, or voice are charged $200 per credit hour.

Additional Course Fees: Course fees and studio fees range from $10 - $300 for costs of the course.

Special Instruction Fees: Fees of $10 - $300 for students enrolled in GEP science laboratory courses and courses utilizing the Academic Computing facility are collected to cover laboratory supplies, equipment, software. Fees are also charged to cover art supplies in certain studio courses, course materials or field trips.

Student Teaching Internship Fee: A student teaching internship fee of $350 will be charged for each quarter or semester at the beginning of the semester during which student teaching is scheduled.

 2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog